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Closet DIYers rejoice! From food and hairstyles to paint and glue guns Polka Dot Made is for you! This is the place where you can share your favourite recipes and projects while teaching others your valuable skills!

What will be required of me?

Once you have filled out the application form, Ms Chinoiserie will send you an email telling you that you are now a contributor (writer) to Polka Dot Made. She will also send you information regarding the technical side of using the Polka Dot Bride contributor intranet in which you will be required to write and submit your posts for review.

Important: Please ask your photographer to provide you with web ready images that are a maximum of 850 pixels at the widest side. Our system cannot accept files over 1MB.

What type of posts can I write?

You can write tutorials which are posts that explain how to make something step by step with photos to match. You can also share recipes for food, sweets and cocktails.

I’m not a good photographer so will my photos be ok?

You can take photos on your phone if you don’t have a camera! Keep them bright and simple and they’ll be great!

I’m not the best at writing. Will someone check my post before it is published?

Yes! Once you have written your post and submitted it for review, it goes to Ms Chinoiserie who will edit it, correct any spelling mistakes and help with the formatting of all the images.

Can I write more than one post?

We hope so! We’d love to have as many regular contributors to create a real DIY community!

Ready to submit a guest post? Fill out the form below and our lovely specialty blog editor Ms Chinoiserie will be in touch with further instructions!

Contributor Application
Please ensure you have your images in a web ready format no bigger than 1mb per image.

Our content manager Ms Chinoiserie will be in touch with instructions on how to upload your submission and to help your post be as pretty as it can be!

Please note all images for weddings and engagements must be taken by a professional photography and be free of watermarks. You must also have permission from the photographer to use the images.

  • Your desired or registered username
  • Include any links to blogs or websites you might have.