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Tutu du Monde ‘A Parisian Affair’ SS18 Collection

by | Bride, Children


When it comes to being a little girl, sometimes tutus and sparkles and feathers and sequins are just the ticket and it’s something much-loved brand Tutu Du Monde do so very well.

For your littlest bridal party member, their newest collection “A Parisian Affair” is filled with sorbet colours – aquas, greens, pinks, purples and yellows to echo the tones, smells and life of beautiful seasonal flowers.

The collection was inspired by the lush beauty of French flower market Le Marché aux Fleurs, each piece reflective through delicate flower appliques, fresh floral prints and beaded blooms.

The designs are typical of Tutu Du Monde’s romantic styling. Sweetly ruffled skirts of tulle, sparkling beaded bows, sparkling shorts, hair pieces and capes – all adorned and full of sweet whimsy.

The mix and match pieces allow you to create a variety of looks for your little ones – pairing sweet singlets with tutus, capes over dresses, hairpieces with skirts – all while honouring their own personality. The collection even caters to the babies “Bebe” featuring tiny versions of signature Tutu De Monde favourites, giving a little something special to even the littlest of spirits.

The “Parisian  Affair” collection is available via the  Tutu Du Monde website or selected stockists.

Photographer: Hayley Sparks Photography / Dresses & Accessories: Tutu Du Monde
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Tischa & Brennan’s Intimate Casual Country Wedding

by | Australia - Western Australia, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Tischa & Brennan

We have a crush on this intimate casual country wedding, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Natural, beautifully styled and with a focus on the beauty of the ceremony, we adore it all! Bronnie Joel captured the day.

Having been introduced by a dear friend, Tischa says, ”Brennan went above and beyond to make me feel so special and our love certainly grew from there.” There’s no doubt our love birds are meant to be, and the proposal story will have romantic hearts fluttering! The bride tells, ”Brennan surprised me with a trip to Phillip Island for a few nights of summer fun. On the afternoon of my birthday I was taken to the beach. Brennan and I began to walk down the beach, and he asked if I could see anything. I hadn’t put my glasses on, so was blind as a bat. We got to a picnic rug set up with my favourite picnic foods and bouquets of my favourite flowers, sat down to start eating and Brennan took my hand and we went for a walk towards the water. I turned around to see what he was doing and he was down on one knee with a BEAUTIFUL ring in his hand! He nervously told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life loving me, and tearfully I said a huge YES! We had a beautiful afternoon at the beach, lots of FaceTime calls back home, went to a beautiful dinner, and danced into the evening back at the holiday house. A very memorable birthday, celebrated with our best friends, I couldn’t have asked for anything more exciting!”

Keeping in line with her personal style, the bride shares, ”I am pretty minimal when it comes to clothing. I had always dreamed of a long sleeve lace gown, and decided on the exact opposite. I ordered the dress online and had it tailored to fit me a little better. I thought to myself that it was so simple I would never regret the decision. I felt incredibly beautiful in that dress (even though it nearly didn’t fit with the surprise of our pregnancy)! The bride was walked down the aisle by her father and brother to ‘Magic’ by Coldplay, a favourite of Brennan’s. Tischa says, ”I wanted to surprise him with the song choice, I only finalised my decision the night before.”
From the start, the couple knew the ceremony was important to them. The bride shares, ”We really wanted an intimate, personal ceremony and that is exactly what we had. It was casual with a few laughs, our little dog Benny had a large part to play, bearing our rings and walking down the aisle with our flower girl. Brennan’s Grandma shared a reading from the Bible which was a very special part of our ceremony. We wrote our vows to one another, it was a very special feeling hearing the beautiful words Brennan had prepared. There was so much love in the room, it was really unforgettable for us! During the ceremony our rings were passed throughout the guests to each hold and give a silent blessing on, we really cherish that. Jane Field was the officiant.
With such stunning photographs, the bride and groom were over the moon with Bronnie Joel. Tischa remembers, ”What a blessing she was! The photography was one of the things I was most nervous about as I am not a huge fan of having photos taken, but she made us all feel so incredibly comfortable and natural! I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, kind and detailed photographer. We love her work and couldn’t wish for anything more! Her attention to detail was unbelievable, everyone who was there continues to talk about how wonderful she was. Bronnie made me feel very beautiful and truly captured our love, and the love we have for everyone who was there.”
With a casual and natural theme to the styling, Tischa and her mum worked on the flowers. She says,”My amazing mum is a very talented florist! We went to choose the flowers the week of the wedding, and she put together the arbour for the ceremony while we were there the day before for the rehearsal. She then made all of our bouquets on my Grandma’s veranda as we got ready the afternoon before the wedding. We chose a lot of native foliage and eucalyptus, to really keep things simple and timeless. They looked stunning and I couldn’t be more thankful to my mum for doing such an amazing job!” A very special touch on the day was a bouquet detail, with the bride sharing, ”I had my late Grandad’s wedding ring tied to my bouquet to make sure he was there on the day. I really knew he would have loved that detail and have been incredibly proud.”
Choosing the venue was simple, with Old Thomson Brook Church being close to the town Tischa’s Grandma lived in. She shares, ”We had always wanted ceremony and reception at the same venue, to make sure things were easy. The old Church is being restored, and the surrounding bush and paddocks are really beautiful. There was a holiday house that the groomsmen had stayed in the night before, that provided the perfect ‘party’ venue for the night of the wedding. We had a very informal first dance back at the house that night, to ‘Angel’ by Shaggy. Brennan is a huge 90’s R’n’B fan and it was an absolute blast, very fun!” Of her favourite detail of the day the bride tells, ”It was seeing how happy Brennan was. We were surrounded by the most amazing families and friends we could ask for. We had a very difficult two years leading up to the wedding with fertility and pregnancy loss, and finding out we were pregnant a few weeks before the big day, it was an amazing detail to share with those who we love the most.”
With such beautiful details throughout the day, Tischa says, ”We mostly DIY’d everything! Crafty mum was the hero of the day, we DIY’d the grazing lunch, the flowers, I hand made my veil.” The couple had catering from The Barking Cow and hired goods from Ferguson Valley Events. Telling of more favourite aspects of their wedding day, the bride says, ”Sharing all of those special decisions with my mum and my beautiful bridesmaids! Everything fell perfectly into place, even though mum and the girls were slightly worried at times that I was under organised. Planning was a breeze with those amazing women by my side. The amount of love floating around in the church during the ceremony was the best feeling and one we will never forget, and being pregnant. This pregnancy has been so incredibly special to us and we feel incredibly blessed to share our special day with our little bub growing happily, bumping along for the ride!”
A huge thank you to our stunning bride and groom for sharing your day, and congratulations on your wedding (and wee baby too!)! Thank you also to Bronnie Joel for your beautiful photos.

Photographer: Bronnie Joel / Bride's Dress: Elle Zeitoune / Ceremony Officiant: Jane Field / Ceremony Venue: Old Thomson Brook Church / Reception Venue: Old Thomson Brook Church / Ceremony Decor: Ferguson Valley Events / Catering: The Barking Cow

Diana & Daniel’s Bright & Bold Fiesta Wedding

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Diana and Daniel

I feel like today is one of those weddings that just makes the world a better place. There are pom poms in every corner, garlands of bright and beautiful tassels. There was a traditional English roast dinner for the groom’s heritage, and shots of traditional Colombian spirit Aguardiente instead of champagne for the bride’s. Every little moment was thought out and customised so that Diana and Daniel’s bright fiesta inspired wedding completely and utterly represented the guests of honour.  Luckily for us, Emma Nayler was there to capture it in all of its gorgeous colourful glory so we can share every moment with you!

The Orange Blossom worked with Diana and Daniel to create amazing bright floral arrangements, Diana telling “We wanted really bright flowers for that day and to be honest we are both a bit clueless with the names, seasons and anything related to flowers, but Chonnie our beautiful florist proposed some awesome flowers and came out with the brilliant idea to include Colombian roses. That was awesome, not only including a bit of my culture but also because my dad grows flowers back in Colombia, so we knew that would be very meaningful plus they were going to look stunning.”

Diana and Daniel chose Made To Match Events to plan and style their wedding. Diana remarks  “I have to say colour was the main word for the styling and theme of the wedding. We are both creative people in different fields so definitely wanted to do something different.

We had an amazing team of vendors, they all worked towards our expectations and achieved what we wanted. Anna from Made to Match Events was Amazing!”

Unable to make it to Australia, the groom’s parents tuned in to a live stream of the wedding, Daniel walking down the aisle together with Diana’s mother.

The couple chose Kath Tilly to officiate proceedings, finishing off the ceremony with a tea and coffee ritual they invited. Diana explains “We wanted to have a relaxed ceremony, no religion involved at all as we both have different religious backgrounds. We wanted to include a ritual symbolising love, so we went for the sand ritual with a twist. Instead of using sand we used Colombian coffee and English tea, it suited us and it’s what we wanted. We read the vows and I had a little part in Spanish as we had Latin guests so just wanted to cherish my roots and language. We live streamed the ceremony as unfortunately, Dan’s parents were unable to come to Australia, so that was pretty special!”

Wedding planner Anna proposed tassel garlands and pom-poms everywhere, a detail the newlyweds loved, Diana, working hard over the next seven months to create the pom pom garlands by hand.

The couple chose the beautiful Maleny venue of Half Moon Hideaway for their celebration, explaining “We chose this place for many reasons: the view, atmosphere, how well it suited the style we wanted, the owner was lovely and very attentive, it was full of beautiful animals and they told us they could be part of the wedding so that was an instant YES as we both love animals. Also, we were able to hire the cute cottage to stay there after the wedding, which made things easier.”

Diana chose a gorgeous relaxed wedding gown from Grace Loves Lace, noting “I’m quite a tiny woman so I just wanted a style that would suit my body and height. The design I went for was the Sally and one of the things I loved about it, was the separate armbands, the dress itself is quite simple and beautiful but with the lace armbands I felt it made a difference plus I loved the combination of French lace, chiffon and tulle. I only went for one visit to their studio in the Gold Coast and pretty much decided on that day I wanted that dress. The bridal assistants at Grace Loves Lace were awesome as they were very honest about what styles suit me and didn’t. Loved the whole experience.”

Of their photographer, Diana raves “Emma Nayler was the ABSOLUTE BEST! I think we will never get over her and the photos she took from us. It was so cool to work with her, making us feel so comfortable and chilled. She knew what we wanted and how to work with the venue including secret spots. The most important things are that we had fun and I think that makes a massive difference, she captured all the key parts, fun moments, the dancing, emotions, colours. We love Emma!!!”

Guests gathered for dinner in a white tipi from Montville Yurts. The feast, catered by Cock & Hen by L&L Co. Events led to one of the bride’s favourite parts of wedding planning – menu tasting! Says Diana “As a chef, Dan had a lot of pressure from his chef friends. They were teasing and bullying him about the food (high expectations) but once the food came out all the chefs went for a second round as it was amazing!! Dan felt pretty proud of his English Food. As it was a winter wedding Dan really wanted to include a traditional English Roast. Our toast was done with a traditional Colombian spirit called Aguardiente instead of champagne.”

Wild Child Cakes created a dessert table filled with bright and bold sweet treats.


The afternoon was filled with Latin dancing against the backdrop of rolling green hills.

Congratulations your marriage Daniel and Diana! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us! Thank you also to Emma Nayler for sharing today’s stunning photographs!

Photographer: Emma Nayler / Wedding Planner: Made To Match Events / Bride's Dress: Grace Loves Lace / Bride's Jewellery: Leah Alexandra / Bride's Jewellery: Komorebi Bride / Groom's Attire: Wil Valor / Hairstylist: Evalyn Parsons Hair / Makeup Artist: Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist / Flowers: The Orange Blossom / Venue: Half Moon Hideaway / Ceremony Officiant: Kath Tilly / Marquee: Montville Yurts / Rental Furniture: Simply Style Co / Catering: Cock & Hen by L&L Co. Events / Dessert Table: Wild Child Cakes / Signage: Stimuli Couture Design

Chantique & John’s Relaxed Sunday Session Inspired Wedding In Fremantle

by | Australia - Western Australia, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Chantique & John

There is a lot to be said for the relaxed, chilled out vibes of a Sunday session in the sun and today’s couple, Chantique and John built their entire wedding day about this relaxed vibe, taking the advice of the bride’s mother to ensure that even the planning was relaxing and stress free. “My mum always told me ‘to just pick what you love and it will always work all together’, that was a really good piece of advice as it made me not think of the overall picture so much and get overwhelmed but to just pick each thing and on the day it will all work, which it did.” explains Chantique.

Alannah Liddell was there to capture this easygoing celebration, from an emotional first look to the fun of the dance floor.

The couple met on a sunny afternoon, quite by chance. Chantique telling “We met at Waroona dam whilst swimming in the water. I know this sounds lame but after speaking all afternoon, I specifically remember the moment when we both looked at each other from across the water and we both just knew.

John proposed overlooking Gracetown Bay, he learnt a cover of a Bob Dylan song on guitar and sang it for me before getting down on one knee. All of my best friends were there. (He had never played the guitar before).”


The bride chose a beautiful Spell Designs gown to wear, remarking “It was a perfect dress for our wedding theme. Like most girls these days I am a sucker for Spell Designs clothing and so who better to order my dress through! I swear Spell uses magic material as their clothes always seem to fit perfectly…. enough so that I felt confident enough to order my wedding dress online without trying it on and I am so glad that I did!

My bridesmaids surprised me a with a Samantha Wills gold and turquoise Boho cuff which I absolutely loved. It was perfect because I found jewellery shopping for our day the hardest.”

Chantique and John met before the ceremony for a first look, the bride explaining “We were really happy that we did our photos before we got married. It was so nice to see each other and relax together before having to walk down the aisle in front of 100 people. I think it also stopped us from being complete crying messes during our ceremony as we got it all out during our ‘first look”.

Of their photographer, Chantique tells “Our gorgeous photographer Alannah Liddell absolutely nailed our photo location. Although it was a 35-minute drive away it was well worth the time spent there. I wanted natural photos in a field and the fact that the field was golden was even better! The drive there was fun too as we got to party with our bridal party and enjoy a champagne or two.”

A Little Bohemia created lush bouquets of green and white. “I sent my poor florist so many different photos of what I wanted. Boho, wild and colourful. Amy from A Little Bohemia in Applecross did such a great job for us!” explains the bride.

Of her walk down the aisle, Chantique tells “My mother walked me down the aisle, not because I don’t have a dad but because we have always been so close and I thought it would be fun which it was! She helped me to walk slow, which felt like we were walking at a glacial speed (which we weren’t of course). Anyone reading this who needs an aisle song, listen to “Fate” by Grey Reverend – it gets the tears flowing at the best of times.”

It was important to the newlyweds that they celebrate with their guests at Chantique’s grandparent’s home, so they chose a park nearby, where the bride spent time playing as a child, for their ceremony.

Andrew Baker officiated the ceremony, the bride remembering ” I was nervous about picking ‘the wrong celebrant’. I feel that they really do give a whole ‘vibe’ to your wedding. We chose Andrew Baker who was the same celebrant as my brother and sister in law, I cannot recommend him highly enough he made the perfect intro to our ceremony from just a small questionnaire and gave us guidance for the whole thing especially the most important part – the legalities.”

Chantique’s grandparent’s home was the uncontested choice for the reception, the bride explaining “We chose to have a home wedding at my grandparent’s place as my sister who had since passed away, got married there. She was unwell and we put together a wedding there with only around a month’s notice. It was nice having that memory as part of our day. The home is basically our family’s hub. We have all lived there at one point in time. The view is amazing and perfect for our style of wedding overlooking the water.”

Arte Paella created delicious Spanish inspired food for the reception, Chantique tells “We were so happy with our food served. We opted for Spanish Tapas and Paella and it was so delicious and also easy to eat for a standing cocktail wedding. I loved that the girls were serving the food with their gorgeous accents – also it really added to the night! It was also significantly better price wise to do this option. We also served two cocktails. Our ‘dark ‘n stormy’ was about all everyone drank – it was a major hit with all of our guests.”

Chantique’s mother created an amazing dessert table, Chantique remarking “We originally wanted to do a doughnut wall but as the to-do list piled up my mother offered to do a cake table! I loved the idea, and well, mum is an amazing cook. Mum and her best friend Bindi were up until the early hours of the morning for the days leading up to the wedding baking, and thank goodness they did because the cakes were delicious and even more so as breakfast for the morning after!”

For their first dance the newlyweds chose the old favourite “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper.

A big congratulations to the newlyweds! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us! Thank you also to Alannah Liddell for sharing her beautiful work!

Photographer: Alannah Liddell / Cinematographer: DreamSeeker Productions / Bride's Dress: Spell Designs Byron Bay / Bride's Shoes: Novo / Bride's Jewellery: Samantha Wills / Bride's Veil/Hair Accessories: Kezani / Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Connor / Groom's Shoes: Trent Nathan / Bridesmaid Dresses: Free People / Bridesmaid Dresses: Soul Sisters / Getting Ready Robes: Honey Birdette / Getting Ready Robes: Homebodii / Hairstylist: Charlotte Pownall / Hairstylist: Priscilla Menzies / Makeup Artist: Taylah Jackson Make Up Artistry / Flowers: A Little Bohemia / Invitations & Stationery: Vistaprint / Rentals: Pretty Willow Hire / Ceremony Officiant: Andrew Baker / Reception Venue: Private Property / Band: Ricky Green / Catering: Arte Paella / Drinks Catering: The Crafty Barman / Dessert Table: Bride's Mothers / Engagement Ring: Michael Hill / Wedding Ring: Michael Hill / Transport: Lavish Limousines