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When your mother is driving you nuts about the shade of your wedding dress, or your uncle is finding a way to invite all his mates to the wedding and score free beer too you might need a laugh!

One of my favourite websites for a giggle (or a gasp) is Going Bridal. A website for all brides going a bit loopy it features ecards, a planner, even a shop of anti bridezilla goods (with a charming message) and my personal favourite- the confession booth! Although it hasn’t been updated for a year, there’s still plenty to read! Including entries like this one

‘I ordered my dress online and it arrived today at my work! My two coworkers were urging me to go to the ladies room and try it on–but tried to “remain professional” and wait until I got home. Then I realized it was only 10 am and it would be a LONG day–so “professionalism” only lasted three minutes before we all herded into the ladies’ room and I tried it on–jumping up to try to get a better view of myself in the mirror above the sinks, praying no one “higher up” would walk in. BUT, it fits and I love it!
Marrying the GOOD Husband
Friday, September 30, 2005′

It’s a great site for a bit of a giggle or simply to reassure yourself you’re not THAT bad!


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