Help! I’m A Newlywed…. What Do I Do Now? Review

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I was a little amused Lorraine Sanabria Robertson, also known as “Wifey” sent me a copy of her book (released September 20) recently- the title was one that struck me as soon as I saw it.

Help! I’m A Newlywed…What Do I Do Now? is a guide for the brides who are struggling with their life after the wedding. As she points out – so much of the past year or so is caught up with napkin colours, dresses and shoes, that sometimes after it’s over there is a big empty space. I have seen so many brides fall into a slump after the wedding- often called “wedding withdrawal”. “Wifey” offers suggestions on how to cope with this and good tips to get through it.

The book is written with humour and wit, although I do sense some might be put offside by the connotations of the role of the ‘new wife’. It does offer reassurance, especially for couples who haven’t lived together before marriage and offers advice to help adjust to life together.

Post wedding details aren’t forgotten and these are addressed early on in the book (something often not talked about is what you have to do after the wedding day!).

“Wifey” explicitly states you may not agree with everything in the book – in fact she promotes that. But what she is giving you is tips and tricks that may help you get through the kinks and come out the other side.

The book is dotted throughout with the thoughts of real brides – they contradict each other at times which is refreshing. As “Wifey” says, her book is simply a guide and every couple will be different in their needs, desires and relationship.

‘Ease into it’ says Alison, married for twelve years, on taking on the role of a wife. ‘I think a lot of women start power-tripping, like, “I am the wife what I say goes”. Treat him with respect always. Never take him for granted’.

In the end, the book is promoting a happy healthy marriage and in that case, I’m all for it!

Help! I’m A Newlywed….What Do I Do Now? can be purchased from the Ask Wifey website (you can also check out a myriad of other content there including two of Wifey’s blogs) or from Amazon

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