Icy Cold Ideas For Summer Weddings

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Parts of Australia are in the middle of the hottest heatwave in 100 years right now so I can’t help thinking of more ideas to keep guests cool at summer weddings. I wrote 10 Tips To Keep Guests Cool in 2007

  1. Provide icy cold drinks for guests
  2. Give guests a parasol
  3. Hire a slushee machine
  4. Provide thongs (flip flops)
  5. Make fan shaped ceremony programs
  6. Serve mini icecreams
  7. Create shaded lounge areas
  8. Serve seafood on ice
  9. Serve ice cold fruit
  10. Have a sunset wedding

Here are a few more ideas!

Make icy cold iceblocks out of fruit.

Tropical Ice Blocks

Having a yellow wedding? Or perhaps your wedding has cherries everywhere? How about making gourmet ice blocks (popsicles) for guests? Pineapple mixed with coconut juice and lime is delicious.


Scout around for mini tubes of sunscreen. Some companies even provide personalisation! Place in baskets for guests to use. If you’re the bride don’t forget to put sunscreen on yourself!

Provide shade for guests

Photo from Brides

It sound’s obvious but it so often forgotten. if you’re marrying outdoors and the temperature is set to soar, provide shade for your guests! Use market umbrellas to shelter all of your guests or consider moving the ceremony to underneath a beautiful tree.

Compress The Cool

One of the best ways to cool down is to apply a cold compress to your neck and wrists. Pack eskys full of ice and full of cold compresses for guests to quickly and easily cool down. Once they’re done they can place them back to refreeze ready for more guests. Another alternative to this is to provide small towels soaked in herb infused icy water.

Blot Spots

If you’re planning on bathroom baskets, include lots of blotting paper in the restrooms. Guests will want to get rid of their sweaty shine! You could also provide tissue pouches to guests to help them keep dry.

Fan It Away

Fan by Angels Dreaming

I already wrote about making your programs fans to help guests, but if you’d like something gorgeous that would double as a favor, consider beautiful fans made from bamboo, rattan or other materials that are a little more of a keepsake for guests.

Electronically Cool

Although the noise isn’t ideal (nor are they overly attractive!) consider using electric fans and misters if the weather is incredibly warm. The movement of air will help guests maintain a cool temperature. Do ensure your reception venue has working air conditioning too.

How are you keeping cool at your summer wedding?

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