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Georg Jensen Collins St by Ms Polka Dot

The Georg Jensen jewellery collection is beautifully pure and organic in it’s design. Designers such as Vivanna Torun have made a feature of the clasp, or added a hooked pendant so pieces transform from day to night.

The range includes beautiful watches (including the famous Torun watch), simple earrings, cufflinks, bracelets and brooches. All designed with the essence of Georg Jensen in mind. The workmanship and quality is high. A choker is hollow, made from a single piece of metal. A watch is designed to defeat the constraints of time. Again the details shine through.

Lina Collection by Ms Polka Dot

The one thing I learnt about the Georg Jensen brand is that function is just as important as design. The experience of buying a diamond ring is not just going into a store, paying at the cash register and going home. You’re greeted, educated about diamonds and given an experience. Georg Jensen recognises this is probably the first big purchase you make as a couple and they recognise the importance of the moment in your life. Working as a team, you, your fiancé and Georg Jensen will be able to work out the best ring for your budget and desires.

What struck me about the experience with my friend Richard was that he sees the purchasing of an engagement ring as not another sale, but another memory and another moment you share together. Brides are guided through rings and given perspectives such as – what colours do you normally wear? Does the ring look too heavy on you? What gold suits you best? What is your priority with the diamond? (size, colour etc).

Georg Jensen ring box by Ms Polka Dot

For the guys who are feeling a little intimidated and a little apprehensive, Richard is more than excited to deal with you! Richard offers advice on everything from the diamond to how you might present it to your future bride.

These rings are made to be worn. Gardening, at the beach, reading a book. The dents and wear turn the ring into your ring. The ring becomes part of you with the patina becoming your unique stamp. It becomes a ring of memories.

Georg Jensen is full of special little thoughts. Taking your wedding band in for re-coating and cleaning before the wedding, Richard may advise you not to wear your rings again until your wedding day. He sees this as a new start, a fresh beginning.

The Fusion Ring

The Fusion Ring is the most popular product in the Georg Jensen range. Its flexibility in design allows the wearer to personalise the colour, width and adornments to their own personal taste.

Available in white gold, platinum rose gold and yellow gold, each ring consists of two “end rings” and an optional number of “middle rings”.

A popular option is to choose the end rings as an engagement ring and slot a middle ring in for the wedding ring. You might add to it again at the birth of your first child or add an extra piece as an eternity ring.

The Fusion ring is available with or without diamonds and was designed as a unisex ring. It’s a gorgeous choice for either sex.

The Magic Ring

The Magic ring is a spiral design which is able to be worn on its own or with a plain comfort style band that interlocks into the spiral. Again, Georg Jensen has allowed for an individual choice of metals and diamonds and the option to use the rings as an engagement/wedder.

The Cascade Ring

The cascade ring is an unusual, but beautiful choice for an engagement ring,. The diamonds sit like a river of cascading water. Set with three brilliant cut diamonds, it’s also available in a seven diamond version.

The Centenary Ring

Released in 2004 to mark one hundred years since the beginning of Georg Jensen, the Centenary ring features one diamond in a plain band.

The Centenary ring is asymmetrical; the placement of the diamond ensures that the ring catches just the right amount of light to really sparkle. The setting creates a frame for the diamond allowing the catching of light when you move your hands. Available in three band widths and numerous diamond sizes (each diamond size suits a particular band width best), this ring is a gorgeous piece of design. Its purity and elegance ensures the ring will still look as modern and beautiful at your fiftieth wedding anniversary as it does today. The Centenary seems to appeal to ladies for it’s simple beauty, while gentlemen are taken by the technical aspect of the ring.

Although often thought of as a tension set ring, the Centenary is a unique setting where a channel is cut in each end of the ring (which is made with a gap smaller than the diamond). The diamond then pops into the channel and is secured. The diamond is unable to fall out. The metal will however expand so it is recommended (as with all diamond rings) that it is checked regularly to tighten it.

The Centenary wedding bands are available as a plain comfort band or a thinner width version of the Centenary.

Georg Jensen Collins St by Ms Polka Dot

Georg Jensen products are available to purchase online or instore. Visit their website and where to buy pages. for direct links to online purchasing and store details.

Georg Jensen Collins Street is located at 90 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000. If you visit and see Richard tell him Ms Polka Dot sent you!



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