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Today’s expert is Sydney wedding planner Angela Wilson. Angela owns eventing planning company Elite Events and recently opened the Angela Wilson Boutique which stocks international brands such as Amsale and Ceci NY. Today Angela’s going to share her secrets and inspiration!

Tell me about yourself? What is your background?

My background is in event management, business, fashion and interior design. I completed studies at Whitehouse School of Design and Macleay College which gave me to tools I needed start Elite Events. I am really driven to provide something unique in everything that I do.


Have you always been passionate about weddings? Or do you love the organizational aspect of pulling lots of different things together and making something beautiful for the bride and groom?

Yes I have, I attended my first bridal fair at age 16. I love the logistical side of weddings and I am motivated by the challenges involved in creating a wedding, my goal is always to deliver an event that exceeds the expectations of the client and reflects their personal taste.


What was the catalyst for setting up your Elite Events and Angela Wilson businesses?

Elite Events was a natural progression from my studies, I was inspired to start a business when I identified a large gap in the bridal market for tailored wedding planning and styling specific to each bride and groom.

Angela Wilson was also created due to a gap in the middle market in bridal for gowns and bridesmaid dresses that reflected international trends and offered something different. The Amsale Maids range is now exclusively stocked in our boutique and was a direct result of the frustration of clients to find something unique for their bridal party.


What services do you offer the Australian bride?

The business is a multi-layered business. Elite Events offers planning and styling and the Angela Wilson boutique in Paddington showcases items from New York and abroad.

Our service is based on a detailed orientated approach whether the brides focus be jewellery, table décor, invitations or bridal wear. We handle everything from start to finish and in between.

Does a bride have to have a large budget in order to engage your services? Are there different ‘levels’ of service you can offer?

Out tailored approach extends to our services which we cater to different budget levels. Particularly with Elite Events where we offer either a comprehensive service or simply consultation on styling and advice, I can create a wedding to your taste and budget.

How do you keep on learning? How do you keep up with the latest trends?

Continually sourcing new materials, predominately from larger markets like the UK and US. But I tend not to be a huge trend follower, I like creating an event design that is unique in order to keep my role challenging and interesting.

What inspires you about Australian women/brides?

I love their approach to creating their wedding, they are so enthusiastic and willing to try new ideas. I find Australian brides are happy to work with you. I admire their approach to thinking outside the normal realm of wedding design.

Do you have a ‘special look’ that sets you apart from other wedding stylists or do you tailor the look to each couple’s style?

We definitely tailor the style of each wedding to the couple, although key to my style is layering elements and textures to create a subtle, elegant look.

One element that is consistent across my design is carrying through small design cues from conception to event, I am all about the details.

What ideas should brides start with when they come to see you? Should they have a theme established firmly in their minds or do you prefer to guide them?

I am quite flexible, if they have a theme, whether it be related to style, colour, tastes, location or atmosphere then I love working with an inspiration cue. That said, if a bride is not sure of their look I find that once I get to know their personality and we take into account the venue and other elements it is just as easy to guide them towards a style that would be fitting to the look they are trying to achieve.

What is your number one tip for brides?

Always stick to your gut instincts, don’t try and mix too many ideas together –simplicity is best.

What bridal trends do you see in the future?

From a coordinating point of view destination weddings are starting to emerge as a strong trend.

Internationally I have noticed that sex is out and refined is in, think ‘Gone with the Wind’. Bold jewellery is becoming more of a stand out feature to complement the bridal gown.

Could you give us five tips and tricks for the bride and groom?

  1. No red wine when you are in your wedding dress
  2. Brides: The key to a good spray tan is planning it 2 days prior to the wedding. Grooms: Do not try and sun bake to get a summer glow in the lead up to your wedding.
  3. Have all rings and jewellery cleaned 2 days prior.
  4. Grooms and groomsmen: Steer clear of hair cuts in the week leading up to the wedding.
  5. Consider purchasing a good quality eye drop that promotes clear eyes and reduces redness for great pictures.

Thank you for joining us today Angela! You can find Angela at Elite Events and the Angela Wilson Boutique .

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