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Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride on January 16, 2009  


Today Polka Dot Bride is joined by a dynamic, successful wedding industry pro- Leigh Taylor, who with her husband Bradley Patrick owns Sydney photography studio SugarLove Weddings and Sydney videography studio White Designs.

What was the catalyst for starting SugarLove Weddings and White Designs?

SugarLove Pictures started in early 2000 and was initially just one photographer & one agent/photo producer coming together for their work within the Arts & Entertainment industry. My husband & I worked between the USA & Australia regularly & things grew to incorporate Advertising, Editorial, Fashion and Film clients. Our wedding division started indirectly at the request of some well known celebrity clients to cover their day. The rest they say is history – SugarLove Weddings was officially formed in 2004.

White Designs was started in a similar fashion…. one bride trying to find a videographer that could produce documentary style footage with a high level of elegance & style decided to start her own business. Her desire to cater to the same level of discerning clients who appreciate the differences that professional commercially trained crew can bring to their wedding documentaries was the sole decision behind building White. We purchased White from the original owner in 2007 and merged the business with SugarLove Weddings

What is your business philosophy?

Our philosophy is based on integrity, passionate client management & an appreciation of being invited to share one of the most important days of your life with our clients. An all encompassing love for the art of making beautiful images “both still & moving” drives the SugarLove & White team.

Sugarlove Weddings

Anna and Nathan on their wedding day as captured by SugarLove Weddings

How would you describe SugarLove’s photography style?

Timeless, emotional & spontaneous moments captured in a relaxed unobtrusive style is often the way our work is described by SugarLove clients. Our personal business approach combined with a high level of ongoing support and “love” that starts from the very first meeting to the final collection of albums is widely regarded as one of the added joys of working with SugarLove.

What do you love about Australian brides?

Most have a great sense of humour and a fresh & candid approach to their day

What do you look to for inspiration? Do you have a ‘feeling’ about each bride you photograph and then plan the photo shoot accordingly?

No photo shoot at SugarLove is planned in the old fashioned sense. Pre planning meetings take place one month prior to the wedding day to discuss the shot list and desired locations, however if something is working better on the day between the couple & our photographer this spontaneity is paramount. The most memorable shots are those taken when in the “moment”.

Our creative inspiration comes from things outside weddings such as travel, film, food, art and music.

What sets you apart from others?

We don’t feel couples should have to purchase an album to be able to book the very best photographers in the business. For the majority of clients, our packages with albums are fully inclusive so there are no hidden extras after the honeymoon.

We keep the business & creative sides of wedding photography separate for clients at SugarLove. Each couple are working one on one with their own account manager to ensure no detail is missed prior to the day, the photographer can then concentrate on what he does best (capturing the amazing images we are hired for) and clients are overjoyed to receive their images anywhere from 7-30 days after the event instead of 3-6months.

Bradley Patrick Wedding Photography

Lea captured on her wedding day to Matt by Sugarlove Weddings

How do you keep your product fresh and different?

Embracing new technology has always been high on the list of priorities. Listening to what clients feel is missing within their expectations of photography & video services helps open up new ideas for the future. Combining experience from our body of work in other industries ensures our work looks unlike anything else in the wedding industry

What are your number one tips for brides?

Always discuss your expectations of how you dream your wedding day photography & video to be before the big day. Be yourself in front of the camera and your natural beauty will shine through. No posing, no fake smiles, take a deep breath & enjoy every minute of the day, it goes far too quickly. Chose a studio with integrity and ensure you understand fully what is included in your package prior to booking. Read previous clients testimonials & ask to view published work which is the signature of any top studio. Lastly, an experienced photographer or camera operator with well rounded experience in other forms of photography outside of weddings will bring a fresh approach to your images.

What should a bride know about wedding videos?

We have three packages available for clients but designing something custom made for couples is quite common so brides should know this is always an option. When choosing a company to work with always follow your heart. Consider your budget but book with the studio who has the footage & images you love the most. First impressions count. Pay attention to a company who is well organised from your first phone call, first email or first meeting. They will ensure the wedding videography goes smoothly & they will be a delight to deal with long after the last shot is taken.

What are your favourite wedding ideas?

Anything with sentiment and individual style.

You film a lot of celebrity weddings-have you ever been star struck?

It is nice to meet someone you admire creatively – an actor, singer or artist but no I cannot say I have been star struck as yet.

Wedding of Leigh taylor
Most memorable wedding – and for what reason?  

Definitely my own day on November 10th 2001 in the Blue Mountains, NSW.Leigh Taylor Wedding

We chose a weekend getaway, a gorgeous intimate location, a small guest number, and made choices about styling, menu and music all based around our 1920’s theme. Heartfelt vows, vintage prints, a moonlit cake cutting and the crisp scent of spring in the air are just some of the memories that make those moments feel like yesterday.

Leigh Taylor Wedding Photo

What lifestyle habits do you suggest for brides in the run-up to their weddings?

De-stress, De-stress, De-stress… it will pay off in the photos & video, we promise!!

Thank you for joining Polka Dot Bride today Leigh! Check out SugarLove Weddings and White Designs for more delicious work!


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