Jessie and Mark Engaged

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Jessie and Mark

A summery engagement shoot from the Picton Botanic Gardens from photographer Leah Kua today!

A little about how Jessie and Mark came to be (written by Leah and Jessie!)  “April 22nd 2006 – Location: Campbelltown City Show, NSW. Mark was there displaying his 4WD in the “Beaut Ute” competition and Jessie was a showgirl – a Campbelltown showgirl, not the type with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there! In preparation for the Grand Parade, each showgirl had to select a truck to ride on the back of and Jessie picked Mark’s. Mark will argue that he was second choice but Jessie maintains that her thoughts were “Nice truck, hot owner!”. Cute, cute, cute and totally meant to be! After spending the next few hours talking and getting to know each other, Jessie and Mark parted ways. Jessie (not knowing Mark’s name at this point) thought she would never see him again and wrote it off as a lovely afternoon, so imagine her surprise when he turned up at her work the following Monday. The two became friends and started spending a lot of time together. After two months of being inseparable they both knew there was “just something about” the other, they were too comfortable and shared the same love for off-road 4WDing to not give it a try.

Fast forward to August 22nd 2009 – Location: North Wollongong Beach, NSW. Jessie and Mark had spent the morning on a Skydive over the beach and were safely on the ground, surrounded by friends and family when Mark popped the question. It was a day neither of them would forget. Mark is still undecided which was more nerve racking, the Skydive or the proposal!

Leah says “Picton Botanic Gardens was the ideal location for the Jessie and Mark as they both adore the relaxed, country lifestyle Picton has to offer. Jessie and Mark felt the shoot would not only provide them with amazing images but also be a constant reminder of the two wonderful years they spent living in Picton. Considering the history the couple share with a certain vehicle (sometimes referred to as “The Mistress”), it was only fitting the 4WD which brought Jessie and Mark together would feature somewhere in the Beloved session.”

Leah says “Jessie and Mark’s beloved session started in the beautiful Picton Botanic Gardens, where they explored a lush, sun drenched ravine and then as the sun set they moved to a deserted dirt road. It meant so much to Leah to be able to explore both sides of their relationship in this visual way, starting with the romantic, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ side and finishing with the more adventurous side. And since we’re talking jumping out of planes right before proposals type adventurous, a freezing, deserted dirt road after sun down in Picton is really nothing in comparison to the amazing ride these two are on together.”

Photos by Leah Kua

Photographer: Leah Kua

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