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In Australia, brides are not as used to using a wedding planner as brides from America and other countries around the world are.  We’re an independent lot –  we feel we can do it all ourselves, as well as work, juggle family wishes and have a life! And we all hope that we can, after all of that, be a serene and happy bride who glides graciously through her wedding day!

So to take the stress out of your planning, consider hiring a wedding planner!   A lot of brides think that it’s a wedding planner’s role to charge you an obscene amount of money for something you could have easily planned yourself…. wrong! We need to change that perception here and now!

It is a wedding planner’s job to assist you with as much or as little as you like when planning your big day. Many girls I have spoken to have said how surprised they have been when receiving quotes from wedding planners as they expected them to be quite expensive. It’s not a well known fact, but the majority of wedding planners can actually not only save you hundreds of hours of your precious time, but can save you a pretty penny too!  Wedding planners are quite often able to receive discounts from wedding suppliers and venues that the general public are not able to obtain as result of good working relationships and the opportunity for repeat business from them.

There is no harm in contacting a wedding planner to discuss a quote – just pop them an email. It will take two seconds but may save you 250 hours of your precious time and then some. You want to be the cool, calm and collected bride swept up in the romance of it all remember, not the bridezilla.

Wouldn’t you love those 250 hours to enjoy your engagement, plan and dream?

Consider this:

– A wedding planner may not cost you as much as you thought

– A wedding planner often receives discounts from wedding suppliers

– A wedding planner will save you hundreds of hours by  doing the running around for you

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Ms Polka Dot says: Whitney from La Belle Weddings gives us all some timely advice about using a wedding planner. Wouldn’t we all rather be relaxed and enjoy our day and not become a bridezilla? You bet ya!

Whitney says: La Belle Weddings is a Sydney based boutique wedding planning agency. We are are here to assist brides in turning their dream wedding into a reality whilst saving you time and money. When not planning weddings Whitney enjoys a Magic Merlin or Cookies & Cream cocktail!



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