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Mrs Tagg-to-be

Shotover River Scenic Lookout, Queenstown, NZ

Mr Tagg and I met while we were at school. We were a year apart, close friends with giggly teenage crushes but neither of us were game to ask the other out and sadly parted ways once school finished. Two years later, after I strategically took some subjects at uni that required me to borrow some of Mr Tagg’s textbooks, we started dating. In October 2009, while on a holiday with my family in Wanaka (near Queenstown), New Zealand, Mr Tagg proposed. It was a pretty special story. We went ring shopping a year earlier; I picked out five of my favourites from various stores, and I was then instructed to leave while Mr Tagg chose his favourite – being quite fussy with jewellery, Mr Tagg felt this was the safest option. He then made me wait a year before proposing, but it was all worth the wait.

On the day of the question popping, Mr Tagg asked my dad for his permission – to which his response was “only for two sheep and a milking goat” (which in Dad’s humour translates to “of course!”). We then went for a road trip around the Otago region of New Zealand, ending up at a historic bridge, surrounded by majestic, snow capped mountains (I documented the whole day – see picture of the site above). On one knee, Mr Tagg proposed – and then proceeded to wait 10 minutes before placing the ring on my finger because “you made me wait five years to be with you!”. Fair call, I thought. We then proceeded to Queenstown to meet my family and share the happy news – my mum screamed with joy in the middle of the street and I got a group hug from her, my dad and my youngest brother.

And thus, the wedding planning began. Being my first post on Polka Dot Bride, I am incredibly excited. An avid follower of posts since the day Mr Tagg proposed, I have spent many days, nights and lunch breaks gathering ideas from posts to form the basis of our big day. But I’ll leave that for the next post!

Ms Gingham says: So the anticipation builds! I can’t wait to hear how much livestock the actual wedding is going to cost! But seriously … I love a good wedding planning journey. Watch this space!

Mrs Tagg-To-Be is a bride-to-be from the South Coast N.S.W, engaged to a charming accountant (Mr. Tagg) who is a very proactive Groom-to-be, planning her dream wedding in Bowral.

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  • Bernadette says:
    June 3, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Can’t wait to hear the adventures of Mrs Tagg to be! A Bowral wedding – how elegant!

  • [email protected] dear little house says:
    June 3, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Sounds beautiful!

  • Adam says:
    July 4, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Looking forward to suppling all your pics and fun memories of the day ‘Mrs Tagg to be’. Oh and I have some pretty funny footage and stills from our meeting on the wk end! Will send through to you later this week.

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