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Since Feb 14 I’ve been catapulted into the blissful nightmare that is wedding planning. Blissful for obvious reasons, and nightmare-ish only because you have to actually make decisions on certain things and by doing so you sacrifice some of your other brilliant ideas. For example, the theme.

The theme is important, key, essential even. It shapes the style tone and manner of your special day. Hardly something to be left to the end. But the choices are so vast! For example, I love bits and pieces of all these themes:



Bob and Britt – Photo by Fresh In Love Photography



Caroline and Brent – Photo by Little Mick Photography

Casual and Relaxed


Photo by Paper Fox Studio



Grazaing Restaurant, Royal Hotel



Photo by Vivid Photography

Rock and Roll

rock n roll

Sarah and Greg – Photo by Hazelnut Photography

And the big question is, how can do you narrow them down without feeling like you’re having to sacrifice all the others for what you want? Personally, I made a list. Okay I made 5 lists (one for each theme) and I listed all the things I loved about each of the ideas and I tried to picture myself in each setting. I knew I loved the idea of quirky mustaches and lips for fun and cute photos of guests, and I knew I wanted to have a few clever things up my sleeve but didn’t need them as a theme and so on.

In the end, really, it just made me feel okay cutting out stuff that I thought was really clever and great at other weddings and focusing on what was ‘me’ and right for my wedding. For the record I’ve settled on (for the moment anyway) Eggplant purple, as a colour theme with pears as little accents to make it feel a bit more … quirky. I still love everything about the other themes but this way I feel like it’ll be a wedding I can truly see myself in and that reflects my personality. After all, the most important thing is that your wedding represents both your personalities and where you feel comfortable.

Ms Gingham says: With so much information available it can be hard not to fall into replicating other people’s ideas. This is great advice. Make sure you’re inspired by others but take the time to figure out what is really you. Thanks to Megan for sharing this with us … I can’t wait to hear more about her wedding plans!

Megan says: “I’m a new bride living in Australia planning my wedding (to an Aussie boy) in Colorado from overseas! I love Polka Dot Bride and reading wedding/bridal blogs. I favor vintage, classic and elegant wedding designs with a bit of quirk!”

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