Tatiana and Jamie’s Autumn Engagement Shoot

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Tatiana and Jamie

While everyone else is itching for Summer to come back, I must admit I’m a bit of a winter and autumn lover. Nothing quite makes me as happy as a bowl of hot chocolate, the autumn leaves and…boots. I love my boots! Today’s Autumn inspired engagement session of Tatiana and Jamie from photographers Love, Katie & Sarah is the perfect nod to the cooler months!

Tatiana tells their story. “Whenever I think back to how Jamie and I met I have a big smile on my face and get that warm and fuzzy feeling. Just like in movies: I was locked out of the computer lab at university and he, being the gentlemen that he is, let me in. We started talking and the rest was history. He was from Canada and in Australia for a year studying and I guess learning this I never really thought that the relationship would eventuate too much. How wrong I was!! We dated for 8 months and had a blast, travelling and living on the Gold Coast. Everything just felt so right and easy! He “followed” me back to Melbourne and we have been living here ever since. We didn’t think our lives could get much better until we got our 2 mini dachshund fur babies last year: Maple & Bear. They are the apples of our eyes and have brought so much joy and happiness to our already happy lives.

As for the engagement I guess it wasn’t much of a surprise as Jamie had mentioned on numerous occasions that he wanted to marry me and spend the rest of our lives together and I too, had voiced the same feelings. I am an avid lover of Christmas and each Christmas that we have been together, Jamie has made me an advent calendar. In the past small gifts and chocolates filled the calendar but last year each day was filled with an activity for us to do together over the summer. Included in this was a fish & chip picnic on the beach (a combination of 2 of my favourite things: fish & chips and the Beach) and a day designing and shopping for an engagement ring. It was such an exciting time!

The proposal followed in January on the evening of our fish & chip picnic. It happened at the beach we take the pups to every day over the summer, we now like to call it “Our Beach”. It was an amazing evening, the beach was picturesque. It was warm, the water was calm and there was no one but the two of us, and of course: Maple & Bear. I will never forget how nervous Jamie was and how adorable and charming he was. I had no idea that he was planning on proposing that evening until I started to feel how nervous he was getting. We finished our picnic and walked down the beach and he gave me a cuddle. He got down on one knee and said ‘Will you marry me?’ I of course laughed and he said well, will you? As if I might say no. I eventually said yes and that was it. We kissed, hugged and sure enough chuckled at how nervous he was and at how I had first laughed when he had said those 4 words. Whenever I tell the story of our proposal to anyone I immediately smile and have a giggle. It is not a soppy or overly romantic proposal story. It is nothing but Jamie and Tatty style, somewhat silly and comical. I don’t know many girls who laugh after being proposed too! ”

Photos by  Love, Katie & Sarah


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