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Everyone loves chocolate. Okay maybe not everyone but the great thing about chocolate is that there is someone close by who definitely wouldn’t mind your share. Chocolate as a wedding favor works beautifully and is the perfect after dinner treat.

So what should you look for when choosing chocolate? It is all starts with the cocoa bean. The quality of the bean will determine the flavour and characteristics within the chocolate. An inferior bean will create chocolate that will be masked with vanilla to cover the impurities. Be aware that anything that includes vegetable oils in place of cocoa butter is not chocolate but rather a compound that compromises on quality and taste.

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When you are considering chocolate as a wedding favor it is important to look beyond the pretty packaging. Venues today are serving amazing menus and beautiful desserts. It is essential to continue to uphold the high expectations of the food. Many guests may indulge into their treats at the end of the evening and once the wrapper is removed it is the experience they will remember. Individual chocolates should be shiny and present like little jewels. Chocolate bars should snap with a clear sound to determine they are well tempered. The chocolate should not be waxy and grainy in their mouth but rather luxuriously smooth with lingering flavours.

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Consider the venue and the décor. Is it modern or traditional? Could you introduce elements of colour that will enhance the space? Often a wedding favor is one of the last things a couple will think about when budgeting for their wedding. However the favor is the first thing a guest will notice and inspect upon arrival. It can influence your guests’ expectations of the evening. The style of favor will help set the scene for the evening and a thoughtful, personalized favor tells your guests that you are honored and thankful that they are present to help you enjoy your special day.

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Leave a lasting impression with a personalized option to your favor. Whether it is the guests’ names so that they double up as place cards, a special thank you message or a love quote, the extra detail will not go unnoticed. We have had many couples include their styling within their favor.  A favorite was miniature origami windmills within our chocolate spheres.  A scroll with a message is a wonderful surprise for guests to discover.

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There are so many intricate details and planning involved in creating a beautiful wedding day and the last thing you want is to overlook the small factors which make such a lasting impression on your guests. My advice to all couples is to take time to make your appreciation personal and provide an enjoyable experience for your guests. The best way to end a beautiful wedding day is to have guests walking out of the reception holding onto their favor, excited to indulge in it later and tell friends of the unique beautiful gift they received.  Quality always leaves a lasting impression.

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Additional tips to ensure great quality

  • Taste the chocolate you will be serving to your guests. Keep in mind that your favourites may not be the best choice. Serving a chilli chocolate may not be the right selection for your wedding day. Consider all your guests and have a variety, if however you must choose one type of chocolate, milk chocolate would be the safest option as even dark or white chocolate lovers enjoy some milk chocolate from time to time.
  • When choosing fresh filled chocolates, ask what the shelf life is. A fresh ganache made without preservatives will have a shelf life of 1 – 3 weeks. The taste of a freshly made chocolate and that of one which will last for 6 months is a complete different experience. Look at the bottom of a chocolate. Is the base starting to cave in? This is a sign of the chocolate no longer being fresh. A great tip when buying chocolate at any time.
  • Save money by personalizing your own favors. Paper banding and printing at home are easily accessible to many. Gather your bridal party together and create a fun workshop. Have your chocolatier show you the best methods on finishing the products in a professional manner. They should be happy to assist as this will ensure that their products are presented well.
  • Check with the venue that the air conditioner is on prior to placing the chocolate favors on the tables. Ideal temperature for the room is 20 degrees. Ensure that there is no sun beaming in through the windows onto the chocolate, this is especially of concern for lunch time weddings.  If this is a concern you may like to create a favor table which allows guests to take a favour as they leave. This also creates a lovely feature in the room.

Image by Sisko Chocolate

Ms Gingham says: I have had serious trouble editing this post! How can I be expected to look at all this amazing chocolate and not have serious cravings? It’s a tough job …

About Christina at Sisko Chocolate: “I have enjoyed being part of the wedding industry for 20 years. First as a florist creating bouquets and centerpieces, then working with a wedding coordinator in wine country, California. The past four years I have been bringing forth new concepts for weddings through my skill with sculpting and designing with chocolate. All experiences from my past are coming through in my chocolate creations, serving a visual and detailed feature that can also create a memorable delicious interactive experience.”

Sisko Chocolate are celebrating their 2nd birthday with an exclusive launch party at Gary Mehigan’s Fenix Restaurant this Monday the 18th of July. The event is a must for brides and grooms looking at incorporating chocolate into their wedding and will showcase some amazing edible chocolate centrepieces. More info at Sisko Chocolate or call (03) 9818 5772.

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