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Kicking off this Monday with something sweet- oh so very sweet! The lovely Lilia of My Sweethearts Bakery, a Sydney cake studio joins us today on Polka Dot Wisdom to share everything sweet about her passion!

Who or what inspired you to become a cake artisan/decorator specializing in wedding cakes?

I absolutely love weddings!!!!! Of course, my love for weddings and being able to be part of a memorable and exciting event for wedding couples. That is why I chose cakes as it not only pretty and edible but it also help represent them as a unique couple or a significant item/event that brings them together.


What do you look to for inspiration?

I tend to use everything! From dresses to stationery patterns or even unique texture’s such as material’s, pebbles and then from there I find a way to make them pliable on my cakes, and edible J


How do you spot new trends and keep your product fresh and different?

Reading other people’s blog, flickr and updates from facebook of course!


What sets you apart from others?

I see myself as a flexible decorator. I do have a certain style but if my clients come with something outside my comfort zone, I am more than happy to take it on and put 150% effort into it to make it work. On top of that, I limit the amount of cakes I take a week/month so I can maintain the standard of the cakes/decorations and also take time off for my personal life. I see a happy decorator and also a happy client!


How do you keep on learning?

Classes- learning from different cake decorators and lots of self-experiments. When I find a design or a type of method I like, I always put it into my to try list and find time to put that into action and see if it works for me or tailor it to what I like. J


What’s been your favourite cake?

I don’t really have an all time favorite as my taste changes from month to month! At the moment, I’m very onto the gold and silver Marie Antoinette style so you will be seeing more of those coming very soon!

Do you make cakes for those on special diets – e.g. gluten free or egg free?

Yes but only some certain special diets. Unfortunately I am unable to tailor towards all special diets but I will always try my best to help them by trying out the recipe myself before saying yes to any clients!


How should brides start planning their cakes? What should they bring to their first meeting with you?

I recommend most brides to start at least 6 months before their wedding date or earlier! During the peak wedding season (Sept-Feb), the wedding-cake industry does tend to go a bit ballistic. Brides should always bring their inspirations, pictures or a sample of their invites, dress/colors so I am able to design something to match their wedding theme and help me with my inspiration while designing something for them.


What do you love about Australian Brides?

They are such lovely brides! And outgoing too! The best bit is I love receiving their thank cards and notes! It really does make my day.


What are the biggest mistakes you see brides making?

The most common mistake brides make is ordering at the last minute. It really does put the pressure on me and themselves so I highly recommend all brides to start early!


Tell me about your dream cake if money was no object?

Lol. It would have $1000 bills stuck on them!


What are your favourite wedding ideas?

A dessert table!


Do you run workshops?

We do run workshops and we try to offer a different type of design range and skills set so we can help train.


Where am I likely to find you on a Sunday morning?

In bed snoozing :p


What other things are you passionate about?

Arts and craft (like card making and sewing), languages and dogs.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom today Lilia! Check out more of Lilia’s work on her website My Sweethearts Bakery.



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