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If you are considering an overseas honeymoon destination, than look no further than Waikiki Beach in Hawaii’s capital city Honolulu. Romantic yet exuberant, Honolulu offers a little piece of America wrapped up in a surprising parcel of tropical excitement. It’s warm tranquil waters, near perfect temperatures and breathtaking natural scenery have regularly attracted many tourists, yet it’s the appealing blend of active volcanoes, adventure activities and amazing shopping experiences, which make Hawaii an essential must-see honeymoon destination.

Hawaii is one the youngest geological formations in the world, and is represented by six islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii’s Big island, the island of Oahu is where Hawaii’s capital city, Honolulu is located. Renowned for its first class surfing and home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes Hawaii’s vibrant attractions and unique landscape leave many visitors in awe, It is though, the warmth of the people and the “Aloha Spirit” which compels so many to embrace the Hawaiian people and their culture.

Things to do in Honolulu
Visit the island’s many tourist attractions including:
• The USS Arizona and USS Missouri memorials in Oahu’s Pearl Harbour
• The active Kilauea Volcano at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii’s Big Island
• The Honolulu Zoo (Images below).

Drive a convertible and check out the amazing scenery
Hire a convertible and enjoy the stunning scenery from Diamond Head. Its vantage point offers some incredible panoramas of Honolulu. Explore the off road paths and hidden hiking trails Hawaii has some of the best hiking trails surrounded by beautiful scenery. Get off the beaten path and discover Hawaii’s hidden gems and the charming local neighbourhoods, places you won’t find on a postcard, for a deeper understanding of the history of Hawaii.

Go Surfing
Experience the world-class surfing action Hawaii has to offer. Waikiki beach also promotes the hire of surfboards and provides lessons for the avid surfer enthusiast teaching the skills of surfing the waves of Hawaii.

Relax and be Pampered
Hilton Hawaiin Village boasts Mandara Spa, the largest spa in Waikiki, provides one of Hawaii’s most beautiful and complete spas. Be transported into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with a host of spa treatments that incorporate Hawaiian, Asian, Western, European and Polynesian beauty and relaxation concepts. Discover a world of soothing treatments and rejuvenating therapies at our comprehensive Honolulu spa resort. Mandara Spa offers exquisite Balinese-style service, as well as Asian spices and oils for masques, scrubs, wraps and other treatments. This restful Waikiki Beach spa provides relaxing therapies sure to inspire pure contentment.

Shop til you drop!
If you do get tired of sipping cocktails by the beach or exploring the scenic paradise, there is of course the sensational shopping on offer. Hawaii has the world’s largest open-air shopping destination “Ala Moana”; with over 290 luxury brand name shops and local speciality stores. A haven for the shop-a-holic and an experience to remember, Honolulu offers some of the best shopping available. The main strip on Waikiki is lined with designer stores and exquisite shopping attractions and most shops trade until 11pm each night. Whether you spend days soaking up the sun and the amazing atmosphere on Waikiki Beach, or exploring the exhilarating shopping precincts and designer boutiques that line the streets, Hawaii will leave you wanting more, and once you visit you may find it hard to leave.

Where To Eat
Waikiki and downtown Honolulu is filled with an amazing array of sensational food offerings, a vibrant food scene with casual dining experiences and a relaxed atmosphere. The iconic Los Angeles originated restaurant ‘The Cheesecake Factory” is a must visit with an unlimited menu the restaurant offers generous size portions, inventive menu choices and a trademark cheesecake too good to miss. “The Californian Pizza Kitchen” in the centre of Waikiki translates America’s favourite flavours and tastes onto a sensational pizza crust; the result is a complete redefinition of America’s traditional concept of pizza. Thai, Greek and Japanese influences are present in the gourmet pizza selections combined with a tempting combination of traditional Italian pasta dishes. The American diner chain “I-Hop” is a must experience for the pancake lover, offering pancakes and crepes like you have never seen before. Endless plates of mouth watering buttermilk pancakes served with traditional maple syrup and fruit is pure delight and a taste sensation to die for.

When To Go
Anytime of year is a good time to visit Hawaii. Summer, between April and November, is warmer and drier (average temperature is 23-32˚C) while winter, between December and March, is a bit cooler (20-27˚C). Trade winds keep things comfortable all year round.

Over 1500 years ago, Polynesians from the Marquesas Islands first set foot on Hawaii’s Big Island. With only the stars to guide them, they miraculously sailed over 2000 miles in canoes to migrate to the Islands. 500 years later, settlers from Tahiti arrived, Hawaiian culture flourished over the following centuries and in 1778, Captain James Cook, landed on Kauai at Waimea Bay, naming the archipelago the “Sandwich Islands” in honour of the Earl of Sandwich. In 1820, the first Protestant Missionaries arrived on the Big Island and Hawaii became a port for seamen, traders, and whalers. Throughout these years of growth, western disease took a heavy toll on the native Hawaiian population. Western influence continued to grow and in 1893, American Colonists who controlled much of Hawaii’s economy overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom in a peaceful, yet still controversial coup. In 1898, Hawaii became a territory of the United States. The Aloha State became the 50th State of the United States of America in 1955.

For further information on Hawaii visit Hawaii’s Official tourist information site

Photography by Calli B Photography

Words by Terrianne Burns

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Ms Gingham says: Oh how I love Hawaii and with the Australian dollar so strong at the moment there’s no better time to wax that surf board (not to mention other types of waxing) and get going!

About Calli: Calli moved from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast and operated a home based photography business for a few years before moving into the boutique Maroochydore studio in 2008. Calli’s style of photography could be described as natural, candid and romantic. Calli has a beautiful daughter who she loves to spend her spare time with. Calli is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

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