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Happy Polka Dot Sneak Peek Friday! Sneak Peek is where the polka dot team gets a sneaky peek, a chance to gush over the elements of your day, to find out about you and to have a cup of tea and a giggle while doing it!

Today it’s something really quite important, the one item that is the centrepiece of your ceremony. Almost every wedding has them and to be honest, they hold such incredible symbolism. I’d love today to see or hear about your wedding ring! Why did you choose it? What does it look like? Do you feel the weight of the promise it holds? What does it mean to you?


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  • Sarah says:
    June 13, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    My fiance had my beautiful engagement ring hand made with family diamonds. The jewellers is this random little shop in a less than desirable suburb, tucked away in a mall with discount shops that sell out of date food, cheap Asian clothing etc. When we went there for an appointment to discuss our wedding rings I honestly thought we were in the wrong place, it just looked so dodgy! It’s such a hidden treasure though, a small family run business with such lovely owners. All their business is word of mouth, they don’t advertise at all and since they only do custom pieces they are so invested in their work and creating something unique and beautiful. The wife remembered my fiance and seemed genuinely interested in hearing how everything had gone with the proposal, marriage plans etc. We’ve decided to have our wedding rings hand made by the same jeweller, even though it is more expensive, as we feel they have been an important element of our story. Everything else up to this point has been sentimental so why not this too! Now I just have to find a way to have them engraved without my fiance finding out as I want to surprise him 🙂

  • Isobelle Carlton says:
    June 13, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    My Fiance and i picked a hand made, one of a kind engagement ring. When i came to the wedding band….finances were tight to say the least. He wanted something that matched the engagement ring perfectly. I wanted something unique, coloured stones, different colour of Gold. Both of those options being above our budget so a plain band it was. We searched for weeks to find the right thickness, colour, shape and size. One day we thought lets go back to the Jeweller we bought the engagement ring from. My engagement ring Is a princess cut diamond with shoulder baguette diamonds going in different directions. So we went into the jeweller looking for a plain band.The Owner of the store remembered my ring and took us over to the rings with stones assuring us that h wanted the best for us long term. He pulled out a white gold band with baguette diamonds running vertically all the way around the band, 63 stones in total. I put it on and it matched elements in the engagement ring but was different enough to suit my taste. He then told us that with the sale they had coming up it would work out to be in our very small budget. It was fate.



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