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I’ve often said I love floristry- I love the art of combining blooms, something Mother Nature produces naturally into something incredible and such a beautiful part of a wedding day. Today I’m excited to welcome Sydney florist Sally Thompson of Blushing Blooms to our expert interview series on Polka Dot Wisdom!

Would you please tell me a little about your background and how you became interested in flowers?

I always knew that an office job wasn’t for me. I was sure that I wanted to work in an industry that was dynamic and in an environment that would allow me to be creative. I love colour and to express myself through working with my hands – so combining all of these things, floristry very much found me as much as I found it! I’ve since this time studied for several years, worked in many stores and now I’m a business owner with my own bridal studio in Sydney.

What was the catalyst for starting your floral design business? (And how long have you been in business?)

Blushing Blooms has been in operation now for almost two years. I had spent many years working for other people and managing other businesses (a lot of very hard work making other people successful!) I could see there was a real niche for a very unique, very boutique wedding floral design studio and that was what prompted me to launch. I was ready to do things my way, invest all the hard work into something for myself and create something special. So, here I am!

What is the ‘mission statement’ for your business?

It’s not a formal mission statement but I’m a strong believer in living a ‘passionate and colourful life’ in all that I do and this is part of my daily approach to my business – this sentiment is key to the Blushing Blooms experience for both my clients and staff.

What is it about flowers, foliage, branches and plants that inspires you?

Shape, colours, textures, seasonality – as a florist inspiration is everywhere. I’m never short of aghast at the treasures that Mother Nature bestows on us creatives to work with.

Do you have favourite blooms that, whenever you use them, just seem to add that special ‘something’?

Ranunculus!! I am madly in love with ranunculus! They are such a delicate and pretty bloom. Whenever I use them I think that they create a feeling that it is so spring and truly joyful in their softness and beauty. So many brides want that romantic, full look and think that David Austins and peonies are the only way this can be achieved but ranunculus are ideal also. Don’t under estimate my favourite bloom!

Are your flower choices influenced by the latest trend, or just by the colour, shape etc and your ideas about how you could use them?

I like to think that I stay abreast of trends, floristry like all the bridal industry is a fashion business and being able to deliver the latest looks is important. I do however think that I have a personal sensibility – a style that is my own that is the undertone for all my work. I’m forever inspired by everything around me – colours, materials, seasons – so what we are producing continues to evolve – all with the Sally Thompson ‘voice’ behind it.

Are you always working on new floral wedding styles or ideas? What colour or design trends do you see coming through in the next 12 months?

Of course! We are always developing new looks and ideas and we are often designing to brief for our brides, many whom have strong ideas about the looks they want to achieve for their weddings.

The last 12 months has seen vintage influences, handpicked style flowers and maison jars be huge and I can’t see these looks going out of style anytime soon. Romance and softness will continue as aesthetics into 2013.

Tangerine and sorbet tones are anticipated for next year with an ongoing resurgence in contemporary native flowers.

Tablescapes based on banquet style tables as opposed to rounds has seen the shapes, sizes and concepts for reception décor change which is exciting as well.

What ideas/information should a bride have before she sees you for her first appointment?

When a bride makes an appointment with me ideally she should have a colour palate in mind and an overall ‘look’ that she wants to achieve be it modern, quirky, luxe – whatever. It’s also great to know the shape of the bride’s dress, as certain silhouettes should dictate certain bouquet styles. Of course part of my role is to guide brides in ideas and how to make their inspiration pictures into their wedding day reality based on the best quality produce available at that time.

Do you feel you have a signature ‘style’, or does the bride’s choice of flowers and colours ‘tell’ you how to design her bouquet?

I certainly have a signature style myself, I am drawn to the vintage, romantic looks and like design that looks effortless in its glamour. I do however think it is very important for a bride to be able to have her own style for her wedding day and it’s my responsibility to help put this together in the best possible way. I’m charged with making every bride’s bouquet her dream flowers, not mine! My voice is always quietly there in everything thing that I do – like a painter’s brush strokes or a writer’s sentence structure there’s always an underlying essence of the creator.

What do you see for your business in 3 years time?

More or less the same – still being a thriving wedding studio sought out for beautiful work, great service and the Blushing Bloom’s special touches! Our bespoke approach is what makes us unique, I don’t have visions of growing to multiple stores or anything like that – we have a magic in our boutique approach that your ye olde retail chain just couldn’t provide.

What are your favourite floral wedding ideas?

One of my special touches is in different bound stem finishings, we have a signature Blushing Blooms look – a plaited stem in twine for a rustic effect and we also incorporate buttons, vintage broaches, buckles, lace and ribbons to create unique detail under a mass of gorgeous blooms. Brides bring us sentimental objects like lockets or keys or monogrammed fabrics and we incorporate this into their bouquet. Special, finer details like these are my trademark.

Thanks for joining us today Sally! You can find out more about  Blushing Blooms by visiting the website.

Photo Credits: Event Coordination and Styling – Renee of Event Angels Photographer- Angelica Peady Photography Florist and Pom Poms- Blushing Blooms Florist Hair and Makeup- Eternal Elegance Model Vintage/Kaftan- Jessie Doorey Model Princess- Annishka Oska

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