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Ms Gingham

One of the exciting things about this job is the invitations to events that we receive. We can’t attend all of them for various reasons but when Ms Polka Dot forwarded this one to me my interest was piqued. Now, you all may not know this but I am preparing to jet off to Greece with my family. I’m sure all of you know that it is currently the European summer so this event, which was held at Comme restaurant in Melbourne, came in a very timely manner.

Invisible Zinc has been on the market for around 10 years and was originally launched as the Megan Gale Invisible Zinc. Megan Gale has since moved on and now it’s the equally gorgeous Elle MacPherson who is the face of the product. The range consists of face and body sunscreens, fake tans and even a glycolic cleanser. The thing that makes the range different is the light formulation of zinc based broad spectrum sunscreen which is a non chemical product. This is a great alternative for people that can get irritated by conventional sunscreens and those who like to keep chemicals on their skin to a minimum.

There’s a great tinted moisturizer with a very high SPF 30+ and a gorgeous UV Silk Shield Foundation which also has a sun protection factor of 30+.

I’ve been a fan of the Invisible Zinc range for quite a few years. I love the lighter formulation than your traditional zinc creams (think Shane Warne pre Elizabeth Hurley). What I didn’t expect was to rediscover the traditional reef range too! As soon as you open the bottle, the familiar smell of sunscreen on the beach just puts a smile on your face. The high protection 30+ Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion body product goes on smoothly and dries to a powder so no more sticky hands or cream stuck in hairy arms for the guys!

So what am I packing for my trip? The tinted sunscreen, UV Silk Shield foundation and Reef 30+ for the body should take care of me and the rest of the clan!

You can get more information on the Invisible Zinc and Reef ranges of sunscreens at most chemists, department stores and supermarkets.

Photography by Ms Gingham


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