Australian Vintage 50’s Pre Wedding Party

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I loved this submission, titled “Hens On A  Hill” by the photographer, Tricia of The Itchy Eyes Photography. The bride wanted nothing more than a vintage inspired tea party for her hen’s celebration and that’s what she got. It’s relaxed, it’s fun and it’s such a fun idea for a girly get together!

Photographer Tricia explains all the details of the celebration. “The lovely bride Amber was due to be wedded the following week in Roma Street Parklands (followed by a reception at Bleeding Heart Gallery) to her lovely groom Shaun.  A gathering of girls is the traditional thing to do in the days prior, however a standard Hens night was not for Amber.  “I  wanted something a bit more memorable and classic – that could still lead into a night out”.   Her two maids of honour – Jody and Tahnee – stepped in.  Jody tells the story:  “It was Amber’s idea for the theme “Vintage 50s” I think she loves the style and era (who doesn’t). Her words were “nothing tacky all class please hehe”. Amber is all class that’s why this party suited her so much.”  A select group of girl pals were invited over to Jody’s place in Brisbane with instructions to wear their best apron.”

“That was all the input she got, Tahnee and Jody did the rest so it would be a lovely surprise for her. “Tahn had the kitchen tea idea with a gift for the bride something small for her kitchen. This was big in the 50’s as the woman would be chained to the kitchen etc.. I thought a lovely high tea would go nicely with the theme and really wanted to get a tea cup for everyone. I borrowed a lot from my Mum, my grandmother and my mother in law and a lovely man called Keith Gordan who has a stall in the Padddington Antique Center. His stall stands out because it has all these amazing vintage lights and lamps hanging from the roof. He loaned me the extra tea cups we needed and I bought one of them off him as a keepsake for Ambs”. The tea cups were all labelled with everyone’s name so you wouldn’t lose your cup and you had to drink out of it all day whether it be beer wine or tea. “This worked so well that one of our dear friends thought it wasn’t “That kind of party” and ran to the kitchen to hide her six pack of beers”!!”

“Jody and I worked together to sneakily pull all the girl friends into a side room and photograph them with a chalk board on which they’d written words of advice for the bride to be.  The girls had a hilarious time and got in the mood of the 50’s with phrases like “happy wife is a happy life” and “if you are going to argue, argue naked.”

  • Amy Oram says:
    August 2, 2012 at 10:51 am

    Oh I love this! Such a fabulous idea and such a fabulous and memorable time to spend with your best friends and family <3



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