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Polka Dot Bride

We were delighted to be introduced recently to the Geo F Trumper range for men by online retailer Men’s Biz and I asked Papa Polka and Mr Polka to test out the products for me. Let’s establish straight off the bat that I had to write the review because they both claimed to be horrid at reviews. So instead you have their dot points melded into long sentences from me.

Geo F Trumper originated in England and is recognised as the finest traditional gentleman’s barber in London. The company produces a wide range of skin products including shaving brushes, creams and moisturisers all which have the hallmark of fine English creations.

The Men’s Biz team was a pleasure to deal with, the products arrived in a fun box and were packaged with a sense of humour (my favourite way).


Papa Polka tested out the Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food. We were a little mystified at this product, not understanding it’s exact purpose but concluding the title “Skin Food” meant the product was to act as a moisturiser. I’ve since learned it can be used as soothing balm before or after the shave.

The scent of sandalwood was one I find quite refreshing and nice on the skin. Papa Polka, who is usually a fan of sandalwood, found the scent of sandalwood in this product to be a “little shrill” rather than relaxing. Papa Polka’s usual moisturiser is quite thick and moisturising, so the lightness of this product didn’t leave him feeling moisturised (but would be a nice option in Summer). Papa Polka also found the fragrance of the product quite heavy so left him with no need for normal cologne after application. The scent lasted all day with a noticeable Sandalwood scent appearing.

The Sandalwood Skin Food is glycerine and gum based so as not to leave a greasy feel on the skin. Designed to product the skin, the balm is soft and light and works with the other sandalwood products in the Trumper range.

We also received the Limes Shaving Cream. As the the other product I loved the packaging, I thought it was simple and no fuss without being “black, white and grey” as you so often see with products directed at males.

Mr Polka tested this one and found it smooth with no oily residue. The cream left a nice clean shave and the scent was pleasant. The product itself is designed for normal skin and is also available in the traditional bowl format. Scented with West Indian Limes. the shaving cream only requires a small amount to create a rich lather.

The Geo. F Trumper Limes Shaving Cream & Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food was sent to Polka Dot Bride from Men’s Biz for editorial consideration in accordance with our disclosure policy.


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