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Image by Stewart Ross via Emma and Alex’s Rustic Rainy Brisbane Wedding

I woke up this winter morning to a rainbow, sunshine and fresh wet lawn, and the thought struck me – why more brides don’t choose winter as their choice of wedding season?

I know I know… there is a risk it might rain!!! However as a celebrant with quite a few weddings under my belt, can I share that ironically the only weddings I have conducted where we had to find alternative arrangements due to rain were in November and May. I also spend many very hot Saturday afternoons standing in the sun with my head slightly spinning trying to make sure the bride and groom are not squinting into the sun, and at those times I do think a bit of light cloud and a shower could perhaps provide some light relief.

Maybe I am biased as I was a winter bride myself, being married on a cold June morning in a beautiful rich jarrah room at the Cottesloe Civic Centre in WA. The ceremony followed a full day of dancing, drinking red wine and eating beautiful fig and fennel breads and cheese overlooking a stormy river.

That said, I know I could easily share as many wonderful benefits to a gorgeous spring, autumn or summer wedding but I do think winter does miss out sometimes in the heady time of wedding planning.

So for those recently betrothed here are some considerations to add to your choice of wedding date. My top three reasons to consider a winter wedding..


Romance is the essence of a wonderful wedding day and there is something very Jane Eyre about a wild windy storm blowing outside across the landscape. The symbolism of taking shelter, weathering the storm and sticking together in all manner of weather is profound. The challenge can be getting inside to appreciate this but a venue that allows for ceremony and reception can prevent any transfer issues. In most places in Australia, there is also always a break in the weather for a few photographs. Locations like Indiana Tea House perched over the ocean with its 360 glass surrounds, the Rose and Crown pub in Guildford with its roaring open fire and side barn for the ceremony or the Cottesloe Civic Centre in WA immediately spring to mind as perfect venues for both ceremony and reception. I know other states have equally impressive winter venues. These is also opportunity to put on a blazing fire, while dancing and eating good food which always seems so much more enjoyable without all the sweat.


From a sound perspective there is great benefit to an indoor ceremony location. The internal acoustics for the celebrant, couple taking their vows and musicians make for a clarity and closeness that is sometimes hard to achieve outdoors. Often at an indoor winter ceremony you can almost hear a pin drop during the heart of the ceremony which feels so magical.

Images by Cory Rossiter via Whimsical & Romantic French-Inspired Maleny Wedding


For the vintage bride and others with a passion for something different, winter weddings also provide the perfect opportunity to add an amazing stole, scarf, head-piece or even a cape. For the boys, the addition of a stylish three-piece suit makes a lot of sense for not only warmth and comfort, but also style.

In the words of Edith Sitwell, the famous English poet “winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire. It is the time for home”, and maybe, just maybe, a mighty fine wedding.

Ms Gingham says: There is definitely no guarantees weather wise. I got married on December 12th and it was 15 degrees cold and wet! Who knew?

About Danicia Dutry Ceremonies: One of life’s most amazing milestones is to find a partner to share your life. Creating a bespoke ceremony requires exceptional planning, facilitation and people skills. It is my pleasure to offer this service to couples embarking on their life journey. I have worked in professional communications and research roles for over 15 years; including senior positions with some of Australia’s leading companies. I ensure my professional experience forms the base of each ceremony but add the warmth and magic that are the essential key ingredients to creating a wonderful ceremony that enables your friends and family to feel an active part.

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  • Kristy says:
    September 20, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    As Danicia’s bride who got rained on in November (!!!) I must say that if I could do it all again I would probably have a winter wedding! You can be blessed with the most amazing sunshiney winter days (especially in WA!) and even if you have rain at least you will have planned for the possibility.

    As a planner/stylist I can also tell you that another plus is that it’s much easier to lock in your vendors of choice who tend to be a bit quieter during these months and they will probably have more time up their sleeves than they would during peak season to pay EXTRA special attention to your day 🙂

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