Joanne and Josh’s Abbotsford Convent Engagement Photos

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Joanne & Josh

This casual and pretty engagement photo shoot from Tigs Macallan is such a lovely one to share this Saturday. Abbotsford Convent is such an amazing location- with the juxtaposition of beautiful gardens and urban backdrops set the most beautiful flavour for Joanne and Josh’s engagement photographs.

Joanne tells their story. “A mutual friend introduced me to Josh 8 years ago at her birthday party when we were both 19 years old. Josh and I instantly got along like a house on fire and we developed a friendship that lasted over the next couple of years. Life began pulling us in different directions and it was only a matter of time before Josh and I began to drift apart. There was a two year absence before Josh decided to make contact with me for my 25th birthday and suggested we catch up. And so we did. It was like no time had passed at all and I was amazed at how naturally we connected again. Fun, laughter and a good chat was always guaranteed in Josh’s company. We vowed to never lose contact again and grew closer than we had ever been before. Sharing everything with each other and becoming the closest of friends.”

“Last winter I decided to go to Europe for three months. We really missed each other and I believe this is what changed the dynamics of our friendship, as we both realised that we wanted more. In some cases distance does make the heart grow fonder and that was true for us. We became an item upon my return.”

“Josh and I had been dating six months before he proposed. It was like a normal day, I was at lunch with a girlfriend and as we asked for the bill, but the waitress came back with a letter addressed to me. It was from Josh. It stated that over the next couple of hours he was going to take me on adventure where we could reminisce over the past six months of our relationship and what that time had meant to him. And boy was it an adventure. He left me a series of letters across different destinations that held sentimental value to us both, such as where our first kiss was or where our first date was. Then at the last destination at Flagstaff Gardens, I got to see him face to face where he had a picnic prepared and proposed next to our love seat.”

“We pretty much started planning the wedding straight away because we didn’t want a long engagement. All we knew is that we didn’t want the glitz and glam that most weddings have. We simply wanted a day that was filled with joy, love and happiness and we knew that didn’t come from what colour table runners or invites we chose. We fell in love with Immerse in the Yarra Valley for its serenity, beautiful landscapes and for its little chapel situated in the vineyard. We just love the way we felt there and knew we had to get married at this place. Luckily enough they had one vacancy left for this coming summer….Australia Day!!!”

Photographer: Tigs Macallan


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