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1. What is your favourite Christmas food?

I am a ridiculous sweet tooth it would have to be dessert in any form!! Although you can’t beat the good old Christmas pav can you?

2. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

The Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen, nothing makes you feel more Christmasy than seeing the elves and Santa in the North Pole!!

3. Your favourite Christmas drink?

My traditional Christmas beverage is frozen margaritas!! Not exactly eggnog but its way too hot in QLD at Christmas for a milky drink.

4. Is there something you love to do every Christmas?

My favorite thing on Christmas Eve is to go to see the house lights, we have a whole street locally that go nuts and even have a snow machine!! Then home to watch the carols.

5. Do you have any Christmas family traditions?

Tree, lights and decorations are always up December 1st, pancakes and icecream for breakfast Christmas morning (grownups get the choice of pancakes and icecream, bacon and eggs or seafood breaky!!).

6. Do you have a favourite shop that you visit at Christmas time?

I am originally from Melbourne and I really miss the annual trek to see the Myer windows… that is always a brilliant day!! Especially since they also have Santa land inside.

7. Do you bake at Christmas time? If yes, what are your favourite things to bake? Would you share the recipe?

I am the delegated dessert person but no cake here at Christmas!! I like to make a dessert  buffet, the usual suspects are my choc ripple cake with berry sauce made to look like a Christmas wreath, fruit topped and peach/apricot/vanilla sauce pavlova, white choc or Toblerone cheesecake with choc sauce then I usually add a couple of smaller different experiments to the table too. Last year we had a gingerbread house and a choc rum ball tower made to look like a Christmas tree!

8. Where will you be spending Christmas this time of year?

With my family! Everyone is heading to our place this year.

9. Where does Santa leave presents in your house?

Under the tree of course!! And in the stockings my children have their own trees in their bedroom that they decorate themselves with all there handmade things from school (which leaves my tree to look perfect!! hehe) and they always get one present under their own trees to open when they first wake up but then they have to wait to open the rest with everyone.

10. What do you leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

Milk and a beer so Santa has a choice and doesn’t drink and drive if he had a beer elsewhere 😉 , cookies, carrot or apple for the reindeer.

11. Finally, do you thing you’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list and why?

The nice list of course!!! I believe in karma and what you put out you get back threefold so you have to put out good things if you want to get good things back and that has to put you on the nice list no?

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