Jill and Steve’s Sunset Engagement Photos

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Jill & Steve

This sunset engagement shoot is a little bit quirky and lot of fun and comes to us all the way from Boston photographer Nadine Friedman. Nadine remarks, “Jill and Steve are a wonderful couple working on a budget for their wedding, and we tried to capture their DIY spirit last Saturday running after the sunlight, playing in the pond and picking flowers which we may/may not have been allowed to pick (see the dangling roots in the shot of Steve hurrying to hand them to Jill). Later, we headed to the T station by their house with Palmer, their fabulous Golden Lab. I adore doing engagement shoots because of their intimacy, spontaneity and potential for great inspiration, both on my part and a couple’s. Jill and Steve simply can’t get enough of each other, and there is such a bohemian, romantically 70’s quality to many of these shots.”

How did Jill and Steve meet? They tell. “As students at the University of Vermont; we ended up being next door neighbors in a coed dorm. Scandalous!”

“For their first Valentine’s Day, Steve bought Jill a pull-out couch for her room as they had been sharing a dorm room twin-sized bed for months. He figured it would be a great, shareable gift that they could keep for years (because Steve is immensely practical). She showed up while some friends and him were trying to maneuver it up into the dorm room, many flights up. Missing the surprise, Jill helped move it. They labored for about 2 hours struggling to get the couch upstairs, sweating, laughing, compromising turns. When they finally arrived at her room she was surprised, not having realized it was her new couch. She finally figured it out and kissed him, even though he was pretty sweaty at that point.”

Steve says, “it was easy to fall in love and become best friends. We complement each other so well with how we think and feel. I have never felt so at ease and in love while needing someone in my life. We’re inseparable.”

Of the proposal, Steve says, “We decided to leave our jobs and move to Southeast Asia to volunteer. We were staying with family at the time and were in the basement with the chaos of all the boxes being packed when I got down on my knee. There were no fireworks or onlookers – It was just us -amidst a major change in our lives. ”


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