Sequin Ball Decoration Tutorial

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Polka Dot Bride

The first time I made these ornaments I was in second grade (so now my mother has a red and gold one and mine, which has every colour under the rainbow). I still love them! I think these are so customisable as decor (you don’t even need to add the ribbon if you want to just use them as decor) and in platinum, with the silver pins they have an almost industrial feel. I’d love to see them in masses lining long tables in a warehouse reception!

What You’ll Need:

– Polystyrene balls in your desired size

– Sequins in your colour choice

– Pins (for small balls use the sequin and bead pins)

– Ribbon

1. If you’re hanging your sequin ball ornaments, tie ribbon and knot it.

2. Lay the ends of your loop flat on the ball and press pins into sequins into the ribbon to attach it to the ball.

3. Continue pressing pins into sequins, making sure each overlaps a little until your entire ball is covered.

4. When you’re done (warning, bigger balls take a few good solid hours to complete!) go over the ball and fill in any gaps. Voila!

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