Vivian and Lloyd’s Urban Engagement Photos

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Vivian and Lloyd

Although today’s engagement takes place in some what of an inner city oasis, (Paddington Reservoir) the photographs have distinctly urban, moody feel. Samantha from Papertree Photography captured so many stunning moments against the architecture and details of the reservoir that just added a sense of depth to the photographs.

Vivian tells how they met. “My best friend was going out with one of Lloyd’s best mates when we were about 18 years old, so we met through them, but it wasn’t until about 6 years later when Lloyd unexpectedly put his best moves on me and we’ve been together ever since! ”

Lloyd proposed on the day of another milestone for the couple, Vivian remembers. “The day that we received the keys to our new apartment we had bought together, Lloyd planned a surprise candlelight dinner in our new home. I had a hunch that ‘the question’ was coming, but as we finished dinner with no question asked I thought that was it for the night. As I went to look around our new place I knocked over a candle all over our new floor. So basically in the dark I was asking Lloyd to help me out to clean up the mess, but he couldn’t stand up otherwise I would see that he was trying to conceal the ring he had bought that was in his pocket. So with candle wax all over me and our floor he got down on one knee and popped the question. In the end it was a big surprise! ”

Lloyd tells the story. “As with any woman, it takes a lot to convince them that despite first impressions a man is not a complete dork. Vivian was no exception to this rule, for the first 5 years of our friendship Vivian didn’t have much time for me. But with some smooth moves and lots of ignorant persistence I managed to make Vivian see otherwise.”

“We had discovered the Paddington Reservoir as we had recently bought an apartment in the area. We loved the hidden garden and that it was such a quiet and peaceful retreat from busy Oxford Street above, plus it’s unique history with it’s beginnings as Sydney’s water reservoir back in the mid 1860s. It’s a definite little hidden gem.”

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  • Will says:
    February 17, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    Love these shots, Black and white is awesome.



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