A Few Good Reasons To Have Your Day Filmed!

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My wedding is only a few weeks away… Agggh! I thought that working in the wedding industry, I would be a lot better at planning this thing. Or maybe I thought it just magically turns out to be the best day ever… either way, I got to a point 4 months from the day when I realised I hadn’t booked a celebrant. I’m not really sure how I thought we would be married without one… No problem though, we have now booked a lovely lady who has been super helpful and slightly pushy, but in a good way.

Deciding on the venue was tough. We had always wanted to have a destination wedding as our family and friends live all over the place, so most people would have to travel anyway and we wanted to have a weekend away with all of our favourite people, which brings me to;

Point Number 1. This will be one of the only occasions in your life that all of your favourites and, yes, some of your not-so-favourites (but your mum said you had to invite) will be all in one room. To have this on film is a must!!

Whilst emailing everyone under the sun for various services, and trying to sort out some semblance of a budget, I also had to find THE DRESS. I saw a lot of dresses in magazines but until I tried a few on, I really didn’t know what I wanted. I went to some amazing boutiques where the staff were helpful and friendly and excited about everything (I did underestimate how fun this is!), and some where the staff treated us like their annoying great aunt Edna, who they have to listen to and fake a smile for even though it pains them to do so. What I found from this exercise was that I was looking at spending a large portion of my budget on a dress I would wear once, which brings me to;

Point Number 2. Weigh up what is important, spending a huge amount on a dress worn once, bonbonniere that will inevitably be thrown out like last week’s take-away, the shoes that sparkle oh so nicely but in the end are just shoes, or the myriad of other little things that will make a one night only appearance. I’m not saying these things are not important, but remember to make room in your budget for the things you will have after the day, your photos and wedding film.

My list of things “to do” seems to keep growing. I am now into that stage of working out all of the little details that will make the day special and personal. We are heavily into DIY mode and everyday I am sourcing little old bottles to put flowers in, fairy lights, candles, table runners, blackboards, those swizzle stick things that I saw in that magazine a few months back but now can’t seem to find, as well as all of the other details that will make the day our own. This brings me to;

Point Number 3. All of this effort definitely deserves to be filmed, but it is the moments that will create the memory.:) Ask any newlywed and they will all say, “the day went so quickly!” I am so looking forward to having a film to remind me of all of those special moments that go so fast, like my fiance’s expression when he first sees me to the emotion in our voices as we say our vows. From the smiles on our families faces to our awkward first dance (eek!) and all of the funny, happy, crazy moments in between.

Ms Gingham says: Great post HOWEVER…. shoes are never JUST shoes!!! 😀 But the point is very much valid… weighing up what’s important to you is the key when planning your wedding!

The team from Soda Films have extensive experience and advice for you. To find out more visit their website!

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