Behind The Seams Of A Couture Wedding Dress

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I love to find out how things are made. From watching documentaries about marshmallow makers to car manufacturers—one of my favourite things to do is get behind the doors of a design studio and discover how a beautiful creation came to be. So when Brisbane-based bridal store, Paddington Weddings, released a video which allows us inside their workshop and behind the seams of one of their couture ‘Bertossi Brides’ gowns, I couldn’t help but watch it once, twice…..OK maybe three times!

Simply titled ‘The Dress’, the film follows the story of bride-to-be Peta and her dream wedding frock—from its initial design, right up to the reveal on the big day. Captured by photographer/filmmaker James Goss (of and Bonbon Photography), the video covers the almost 300-day-long process in six minutes, as designer Anne Bertossi and her team dream up, fit and handcraft Peta’s perfect gown in their Brisbane studio.

The result is a film that’s as fascinating as it is moving and to be honest, it brought tears to my eyes (but I’m the kind of gal who sobs hysterically in every romantic movie I see!). You can have a watch for yourself here—but keep the Kleenex handy, just in case.

After wiping away my tears, I chatted with Gill Hulse of Bertossi Brides at Paddington Weddings about the inspiration behind the film. “Our aim in producing the film was simply to invite brides into our world to experience the excitement and joy that comes with our very special gowns. We wanted the film to be all about the gown, as this is our passion, which is why we followed the story from design, to creation, to being loved and worn on a very special day.”

As for what the bride envisioned for her big day, a sophisticated ‘Modern Vintage’ style was key. “Peta wanted a timeless, classic, elegant wedding day so our ‘Grace’ gown was just perfect for her. She fell in love the moment she put it on. She was so patient during the filming process and was just as excited to see the final product as we were”.


Documenting months of work may seem like a massive task, but as Gill informed me, it was a enjoyable one as well. “Our film maker James Goss was just fantastic, he kept coming back in to see us over the 3 months that it takes to create a couture gown and loved filming all the intricate work that goes into them.”

Still, it’s not always easy getting that perfect shot and sometimes James had to squeeze into the studio to capture it: “He was almost sitting on Ellen’s (our seamstress) knee while she was sewing at one point! Thankfully we got used to having him around and were able to just be natural and enjoy the process.”


And in the end, all the hard work was worth it. “I think James managed to capture the essence of Paddington Weddings and how much detail and love goes into the creation of a Bertossi Brides gown.”

“What makes a Bertossi Brides gown so special is the experience that comes with it and the knowledge that this gown is crafted just for you by the designer herself to fit you perfectly. It also allows you to have a gown that is personalised to you, not just a photocopy of a gown that’s been made for hundreds of girls before you.”

So if a one of a kind creation sounds like just the thing for you, find out more at Paddington Weddings’ website. Or, you could always watch the video another three times like I did!

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