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Wedding Flowers are a very important part of the wedding day. They bring the whole picture together with colour and style as well as providing sweet scents to whisk through the air on your day.

I am currently in the process of choosing my bouquet for my up coming wedding and thought I would share some tips to help you when your choosing your wedding bouquet.

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When choosing flowers there are many things to think about… of course the first thing that pops into brides (and grooms) heads are colour and type but when choosing your wedding flowers you also need to think about shape, design, meaning and much more.

Today we are focusing on SIZE & SHAPE – The aim is to create a well balanced overall look so you need to keep your size and shape in mind when choosing your bouquet.

Image by David & Leah Moore Photography via Bonnie & Luke’s Vintage Style Queensland Wedding / Flowers By Pink and Purple Petals


Love them or hate them we all have them and they aren’t going anywhere. You carry your bouquet in between your hips, ideally your bouquet should be about an inch in from your hip size… If the bouquet is too small it will make your hips look bigger … So use that as a guide when chatting to your florist and deciding on how big or small your bouquet should be.

Your Size

Petite – Tear drop shape bouquets will lengthen your silhouette, or a composite (made up of individual flower petals wired together on a single stem to create the illusion of one flower) will also suit as it is a powerful bouquet but won’t overpower your physique.

Tall – Large round posies.

Full Figured – Tear drops and Cascades which will help to make you appear slimmer.

Height of your Groom

If your groom is taller than you even when you are in heels you have some flexibility with shape. If your groom is the same height or smaller than you … stay away from teardrop and trailing, as this elongates you (making you appear taller). So even if you are usually the same height as your man with a tear drop or trailing wedding bouquet on the day you will appear taller than your hubby – Go for a Round Posy.

Image by Caroline from Mihaja Photography via Lauren and Cameron’s Chic Byron Bay Wedding / Flowers by Janine from White Ivy Designs


You want to keep your bridesmaid’s bouquets in proportion to yours so either go – the same size but with your bouquet have a something slightly different – either colour changes or flower type changes … or you can go all the same look but have your bridesmaid’s bouquets slightly smaller … You don’t want them to look too small though.


Ball gowns – The bigger the dress the bigger the bouquet. Make sure it’s not too small that it gets lost in all that fabric. Round Posies are traditionally suited to the ball gown as well as Teardrops.

Slim silhouette – Sheaths are great to compliment the light and airy feel of the dress, long stems, simple bunches and small posies also work with this style of dress.

Embellished dresses – If your dress is busy with lots of embellishments keep to a simple bouquet so as not to detract from the detail of the dress.


Neat Hourglass (Shoulders in proportion with hips, defined waist, curved bust and bottom, you wear the same size top and bottom)

Go For: Any shape will suit.

Avoid: You’re lucky nothing to avoid.

Full Hourglass (Bigger thighs, fuller bottom and hips, small waist, fuller bust)

Go For: Large Posies, Long and Full bouquets such as Tear drop or Cascade.

Avoid: Smaller bouquets as these will highlight your top and bottom and make you appear larger.

Pear (Defined waist, Larger hips and thighs, Narrower shoulders than hips, wear larger size bottom than top)

Go For: Long Stemmed bouquets.

Avoid: Tear drops and Cascades as these will draw the attention downwards.

Inverted Triangle (Square Solid Shoulder line, Flatter hips and Bottom, wider shoulder than hips, wear larger size on the top than bottom)

Go For: Medium or large Posies.

Avoid: Small or Long and straight Bouquets.

Image by Byron Loves Fawn via Australian Valentines Day Inspiration / Flowers by White Ivy Design

Pencil (Slim Long frame, Same size top as bottom, Small bust, Little waist definition, Narrow hips and small bottom)

Go For: Small to Medium Round Bouquets or Small Tear drop or Cascade bouquets.

Avoid: Medium to large Tear drops or Cascades as they may over power your physique, also straight bouquet styles will get lost.

Rectangle (A solid square frame, same size top and bottom, small bust, little waist definition, flat hips and bottom)

Go For: Medium to large Tear drops or Cascade, Long Stems.

Avoid: Small or Round bouquets, also try and avoid holding your bouquet around your middle.

Apple (Rounded shoulders, Fullness around middle, Flattish bottom, Slimmer or average legs, Average to big Bust)

Go For: Large Tear drops or Cascades to help slim your look.

Avoid: Round Posies.

Thanks to Wedding Cinematographers Preface films for creating our blog interview clip and to Style by Nature for inviting us in to catch a glimpse of behind the scenes.

 Ms Gingham says: Great post Candice! I love the tips about considering your body shape when choosing the style of your bouquet.

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  • Gaby Diaz says:
    September 21, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    I myself prefer foliage bouquet because it looks more unique and give rustic garden feel.

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    I prefer foliage bouquet because it gives rustic and garden feels.



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