Loan and Kwa’s Boonah Vineyard Engagement Photos

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Loan & Kwa

It’s no secret I love a vineyard for photographs, or you know, for anything really, so I was immediately smitten with the gorgeous engagement photos of Loan & Kwa from Styl in Images.

Loan tells how they met. “Kwa and I first met back in 2001; it was during Mass at Church where we first met each other. Still young and in High School we were both High School Sweethearts. Our relationship did come to an end in 2004, however we did remain real close friends. It wasn’t until 2006 that we became inseparable again realising that we couldn’t stand being apart from each other. Since, then our love for each other and our relationship has grown stronger and we have not looked back since.”

On what she loves about Kwa, Loan remarks, “Kwa is my greatest support and the most caring person I know. I love the fact that he makes me feel comfortable and I can be myself around him. When were together we can talk about almost anything.”






Loan tells how Kwa proposed. “Kwa proposed while on our first overseas trip together in Dubai. At Al Mahara Restaurant, situated in Burj Al Arab. We had lunch reservations that day that was just booked the day before. The proposal funny enough was a surprise to the both of us. During our lunch mains, a staff member whisked me away advising that the hotel had called me and they needed me in the lobby. Waiting in the lobby puzzled and confused waiting to be put on the phone, another staff member came rushing in apologising saying they had the wrong person. With that, I was lead out of the lobby back to Kwa. Just as I came around the corner, what I saw brought tears to my eyes: Kwa was standing next to our table holding flowers with a dessert plate on the table with ‘Will you Marry Me?’ I was stunned and felt breathless; he got down on one knee and produced the ring!

Through both our tears and laughter, I of course said “YES”. It was such an amazing memorable moment and a moment in which were very lucky enough to have had captured on film from a couple that was on the table next to us. I found out after from Kwa that the whole set up was organised by the Restaurant Management, what Kwa planned to be a simple proposal over dessert, which he secretly requested a dessert plate with ‘Will you Marry Me?’ turned into an amazing yet very surprising and emotional experience for the both of us.”



Of what he loves about his fiance, Kwa says, “I love her bubbly personality. Whenever I hear her voice or see her face she makes me smile. She always finds ways to make me laugh, always cheering me up when I’m having an awful day. We are each other’s best friends and I love the fact that being with her feels so natural.”


Of their photographer, Loan says, “Both Kwa and I fell in love with Trang’s style of photography via her blog. Not only is she really talented she is incredibly friendly. Her passion and commitment to the photos she takes is so natural and romantic, she captures such beautiful images. I knew I wanted her to do our wedding photos. Trang was the one who gave us the suggestion of our engagement location shoot. We couldn’t be happier with the photos! She certainly focused on our love for each other. The location gave us the feeling of comfort away from the city life to just enjoy moments with each other.”



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  • Budget Wedding Invitations says:
    June 17, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Gorgeous images that really captures the romance!

  • Jaynella Bella says:
    June 30, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    What a gorgeous couple! The photographs are so elegant and beautiful.



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