Shayne and Justin’s Brisbane Beach Engagement Photos

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Shayne and Justin

Shayne and Justin took to Shorncliffe, Brisbane with Brad of Brad Walker Fine Art Photography for their sunrise engagement photographs, capturing the sunrise with the sky like a water colour painting as they shared their love story.

“We first met in Primary School in grade 5. Believe it or not we were boyfriend and girlfriend and used to write and draw each other love letters as had massive crushes on each other, he was such a cutie! I still have them to this day, so feel pretty lucky that he has been a big part of my life for so long. Not that primary school counted but we also dated in High School for a year and a half before Justin started a chef apprenticeship, leaving High School in year 11. Unfortunately the relationship didn’t survive as we were not yet independent and still lived at home without a drivers licences to visit each other. We always remained friends and still had a special bond but our lives went in different directions for a couple of years until I started in the hospitality industry after year 12. It was obviously meant to be as since 2004 we have been inseparable and haven’t looked back. We’ve moved from country Victoria to the Gold Coast where we purchased our first home. We are just loving life and our new Queensland lifestyle!”

“We are just the best of friends. We’ve been lucky enough to grow together in the same direction throughout the last 9 years and just know everything about each other, even the embarrassing dorky teenage memories you’d rather no one knew. Justin has such a fun cheeky personality and there is a special charisma he exudes which is what I love. As for me, I let him type his own answer… I love how genuine and caring she is and feel she brings out the best in me. And I still feel I have the best looking girl.”

“Justin proposed while we were on a 6 week holiday in the States in 2011. He carried the ring around with him from Australia for the first 5 weeks, unbeknown to me! The night he decided to pop the question, we were on a Royal Caribbean Cruise, sailing from Haiti to Jamaica then onto Mexico. We went out for a romantic dinner then decided to walk around the deck. The ship was so pretty at night with all the lights and there was never anyone around. He took me to the very front of the ship, where I’m embarrassed to say but I was so excited as was a big Titanic fan in the day and couldn’t wait to stand up the front and pretend to fly! haha I asked Justin to take a photo of me and after the flash went off, he said my name and I turned around worried as his tone was different but to my shock found him kneeling with a beautiful ring in the box. He said the sweetest words and then asked me to marry him. It was such special moment with just the two of us there, we sat down and took it all in, was extremely beautiful night.”

“I fell in love with Brad Walker’s work on Facebook through all his posted photos and knew he was the one we had to have for our big day. All of his photos were just amazing. I liked his natural shots and candid moments that he captures for couples. Our wedding package included an engagement shoot. I’d never really considered having an one as normally it’s an extra expense before a wedding and not really well known, but so glad we did. It was great to get to met our photographer and understand how he works and what we should be expecting for the big day, plus we got some awesome photos out of it that we love so much we are hoping to get a canvas made. For the engagement shot, we were just after a relaxed fun photo shoot and it’s exactly what we got.


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  • Moh says:
    July 1, 2013 at 2:00 am

    Amazing clicks..:)

  • Budget Wedding Invitations says:
    July 1, 2013 at 11:44 am

    Such beautiful images that really capture the beauty of the beach perfectly, while not overshadowing the couple!



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