8 Steps To Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day

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Yvette van Schie of Ethix

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All brides want luminous skin, they want their skins  to look flawless and radiant. Most of the time, they count on the makeup artist creating this, but a makeup artist is just that, a artist with pots of makeup, not a miracle worker!

If you have ever in a moment of madness decided to paint a house, you will know that you need to prepare the walls and ceilings before you start your process, skip a step and the paint just does not go on evenly, or look good, or last.

The same applies to your face when you wish to look luminescent and radiant. Unfortunately sometimes bride’s faces tend to break out just before or on the wedding day due to stress. A small pimple or two is easy to hide, but bad skin cannot be made radiant, no matter how many wonderful products the makeup artist has.

To have luminous skin, with minimum foundation, you need to start preparing your skin at least six weeks before the wedding day. You need to do this from the inside and out starting with exercise and diet. Yes, we know you are stressed and busy and rushed, but by making time to exercise and eat right you will find that you will be looking your absolute best from within. In addition to this you should follow these 8 steps to glowing skin on your wedding day.

Step 1.

Cleanse your face religiously every day, no excuses… tired, tipsy (why are you drinking by the way??) or too lazy, you must cleanse your face every night. In actual fact, I recommend that a hot shower at night should be followed by a treatment oil on your body to hydrate your skin, a foot cream and of course a good night cream, serum and eye cream.

Step 2.

Exfoliate your face and whole body three times per week, to smooth your skin. The best time to do this is during your morning shower. Follow with a body lotion, foot cream, face cream and eye cream. Avoid using a moisturiser with a sunscreen in it, use a foundation with sunscreen instead, or even better a mineral makeup which contains natural sun protection. Firstly sunscreen only works for 1-2 hours which means by the time you need it, lunchtime, you have no sun protection on your face at all. You do not need sunscreen first thing in the morning on your face, the small amount of sun you get is needed for your Vitamin D supply. Secondly sunscreens are dehydrating and in some cases cause congestion and blackheads.

Step 3.

Once per week, treat your hair to a hair mask or hot olive oil, and wrap it in glad wrap. If you are using olive oil, avoid using it a week before your hair being coloured as it will effect the colour’s abilitiy to take to the hair. Your hairdresser can style your hair but not cover split ends and dead hair, so it needs as much attention as your body.

Step 4.

Start using a teeth whitener. You can go to your dentist and have it done professionally. Some dentists sell a program you can do at home. You can also just buy a kit from the pharmacy and a good whitening toothpaste to give your smile a bit of a freshen up!

Step 5.

Have a regular manicure and pedicure every two weeks before the wedding, having the last one the day before. Have your eyelashes tinted blue black and your eyebrows waxed. Please do not have both done the day before. Allow at least 5 days for your skin to settle down after an eyebrow way. Sometimes, because of the extra exfoliation and attention you have given your skin, it may be more sensitive. Also, use someone you know and trust. Find a good eyebrow waxer months before your wedding and make sure you don’t use someone you don’t know.

Step 6.

If going for a fake tan, make sure you try out a few different ones until you find one which is the most natural colour for your skin type.

Step 7.

Drink lots of water, cut down on coffee, tea and alcohol, take flaxseed oil to moisturize you from inside out, giving your skin a glow, and to keep you calm.

Step 8.

Have a facial and body massage a few days before your wedding to help you unwind, and have you glowing from top to bottom!

Ms Gingham says: Great tips. Of course, you needn’t feel overwhelmed by what seems like a long list of things to do. Get into the habit of cleaning your skin and using a good moisturiser early on in your wedding planning and you’ll have it down pat by the time the wedding day comes!

Yvette from Ethix Makeup and Beauty Styling says: I am a freelance makeup artist, and beauty therapist of 28 years.I also am obsessed with making sure my brides have the best skin they can on their wedding day. When I am not working as a makeup artist I work in my facial clinic, helping women to improve their skin.

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