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Favourite Food Blogs

Now, I’ll be honest. I love cook books. Big, picture-heavy books I can thumb through and tag when I find something I like. I actually enjoy it when I open a page and see flour or a fennel seed stuck in the creases.

Sometimes though, I do like a cruise online. But I’ve found that there aren’t that many good food blogs out there for men, with a huge offering for the ‘mums’ of the world. I don’t take it personally, but there must be a huge amount of guys like me out there that enjoy cooking and reading about cooking – so where are the blogs?!

Anyway – I thought today I’d share my top 3 food blogs with you, with great ideas to take with you on your quest for good food. Whether you’re looking for ideas for an engagement part, bucks weekend away, or simply a gathering for your mates – these blogs have great tips that cross over from screen to plate.

Footscray Food Blog

footscray food blog

Being a Westy there is nothing more helpful than this blog, which showcases the best restuarants and food-happenings in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Sure, this might not help you specifically if you’re nowhere near us, but what this blog does is brings great local food to the people of the community, and I love a blog that can bring people together. Lauren Wambach writes this blog, and has since created the Footscray Foodies Tour, which I will be lucky enough to be taking part in in the next couple of weeks as she heads a tour for the program I run called “Food Mate”, which works with homeless and underprivileged youth in our area.

The Boys Club


This site has it all – fancy booze, meat recipes, snacks to serve your mates and some fashion thrown in.

I like their ideas to spice up the BBQ with a pulled pork sandwich recipe, or jazzing up the humble roast chicken with a beer up the jaxy. Always a winner.

 I Quit Sugar


Most of my mates thought I’d finally lost the plot (or start listening too closely to my lovely wife) when I told them I stopped eating sugar. I think that trying to get their head around a foodie like me not eating sugar was enough to make their heads explode. Either way, I did a bit of reading and research of the I Quit Sugar website, the brainchild of Food Blogger and Writer Sarah Wilson, and decided that I was eating waaaay too much sugar. Since then, I’ve lost 7 kgs. It isn’t a diet to lose weight, it just happened that way for me. But who’s complaining?

There are some great recipes in here for alternatives to the sweet tooth, and I’ve also really started embracing savoury meals more. And cheese as desert.

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