The Wedding Nest’s Top 5 Tips For Styling Your Home

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1. Invest in art. We love how art can transform a space with personality. Whether you choose a series of classic black and white photographs, or a large, bright abstract painting, the right piece can make quite a statement. When choosing a piece, think about the size in relationship to the placement with other items in the room, and how the colour will pop in your space. Mix affordable prints with precious originals to create your own art gallery wall.

2. A beautiful home is one you create together. If your shared story is new, then look forward to collecting things together that over time will inspire and tell your unique love story- like a framed watercolour of your wedding bouquet, or a shell necklace because you both love the beach.

3. Your wedding registry is the perfect time to create your shared style. Know what styles you like but not how to achieve it?  Browse edited collections online to guide your selections. Choose from French, beach, eclectic and contemporary and then select pieces that you will fit into your chosen style.

4.Choose beautiful ceramics you will use everyday. Why invest in heirloom china that is too precious to use? We believe your beautiful dinner set should be the one you use everyday- such as a collection of classic white range or mixture of grey and yellow mud ceramics for a pop of colour. These are not only a joy to use and display, but are durable for everyday use.

5. Stick with a fairly neutral color palette for the surfaces and larger pieces, and add colour through homewares. This will mean that your space is less likely to look too dated, and you can showcase your changing tastes through less expensive items. Add smaller punches of color with side chairs, cushions, pillows, and rugs. Simple things like books and plants will do wonders for any room.

I hope you have found these tips for styling your home helpful. After all, your home is your sanctuary and should be lived in.

Ms Gingham says: I love these tips for styling your home. The idea of browsing collections online so you can choose pieces for your registry that suit your style is such great advice.

About Jacqui and Zoe from The Wedding Nest: Jacqui and Zoe knew it was time to collaborate when Jacqui looked through Zoe’s ‘dream home’ folder of magazines clippings (pre Pinterest) and saw all the same pages she had ripped out.  Fast forward to getting married and realising there was no online wedding registry that could style their newly bought homes – they created one.


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