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When I first came across Pitch and Woo, I thought back to the movie “Hitch” – you know the one where the guys go to another guy to get expert advice on getting the girl – well, I feel as though I had stumbled across the modern day Hitch for grooms-to-be… an expert in his field at educating men on how to woo their lady and pitch the perfect proposal.What is Pitch & Woo?: 

“The name Pitch and Woo came about from the saying ‘to pitch woo’ which meant love, courtship and flattery. Jonathan Krywicki, the founder of Pitch & Woo has somewhat put a new spin on this olden day saying and has set out to re-instate the art of romance and proposing for the modern day man. Jonathan helps men plan, create and deliver romantic events and proposals that literally leave their loved ones speechless.

According to Jonathan, many of the clients he works with often think that a proposal is a lovely restaurant, flowers or a romantic walk on the beach – ‘they have no concept of what’s possible and often settle for what in their comfort zone’. Working with Pitch & Woo, Jonathan opens them up to a whole new world, he lays down the gauntlet and paints the picture of what an amazing proposal actually does for their relationship.”

Jonathan and I had a virtual chat about his ingenious concept:

What does a typical day at Pitch & Woo look like?

Wake-up and plan the day. Our eleven-month old, Jake, is our alarm clock!. Generally I only set 3-5 main tasks to complete, of which one always includes updating the various social media channels for Pitch & Woo. Having worked through the first task for the day I generally take a break could be a walk or doing some exercise.

Back to the to do list and working through the day. Typically this involves seeing jewellers I’ve partnered with or working on an upcoming proposal. I’m quite a visual person so when planning a proposal I always seek visual inspiration and then begin piecing the bits of the puzzle together. I’m also often posting various inspirational images or locations to propose on Facebook or Pinterest and sharing it with others.

The rest of the day generally involves working through the rest of my list and then at the end of the day I like to have a quick review of what was achieved and plan what needs to be done the next day.

How did Pitch & Woo come to be?

I was sick of hearing all the average and boring proposal stories constantly being re-told. I knew that when my time came I would not fall into that category. As such, I spent a lot of time planning and crafting my proposal. I really wanted it to be amazing and demonstrate to my partner how much she meant to me (read all about Jonathan’s own proposal story here).

After receiving raving reviews from my proposal I was asked by friends to help them with theirs. Theirs too received rave reviews. This continued for a while to the point that I realized that my vivid imagination coupled with my creativity and skills in project management really gave me the tools and skills required to provide such a service for other men.

At the end of the day, the first question every woman generally gets asked after she announces she is engaged is – ‘So how did he do it’? I simply want to help men create their own unforgettable and speechless marriage proposal moments and help them give their partners the gift of a lifetime.

What is the most elaborate pitch you’ve helped plan?

I’d have to say Capri simply from a logistical point of view. My client who was based in India gave me eight days in which to help him come up with the proposal and then complete all the planning and brief the various people involved to help run it. The proposal was set up as a series of surprises that the couple would both receive however the groom was in on it the whole time. Click here for all the details.

What is your favorite proposal story?

This is one of my favourites, its called the ‘Lip dub proposal’. The guy arranged for his girlfriend to sit in the back of a car, with the boot open and slowly had her driven down their street and surrounding streets. As they drove a story unfolded with actors and people playing out scenes from Bruno Mars’s song – marry me.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”444″][/youtube]

What are your top 3 tips for any groom-to-be’s planning their proposal. 

1.     Expectations

  • Take your time to really understand your partners expectations. The worst thing you can do is propose in a way that really doesn’t resonate with her.

2.     Ideas

  • Don’t settle for copying someone else, being cliché or worse still doing something boring. Take this opportunity to really come up with something that will really demonstrate your love and commitment to her.

3.     Ring

  • You either know what she wants because she told you
  • You don’t know what she wants – my advice is don’t guess
  • Play it safe if you’re unsure and get her the diamond only (you can then design the ring together, its quite a fun process and something you will enjoy doing together).

To get your FREE copy of the popular tips booklet The 7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make Proposing, visit Pitch & Woo.

  • Leah Bridge says:
    September 30, 2013 at 12:26 pm

    What an AMAZING business idea! Love it, and very clever business name too…



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