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For me, marriage is trust, openness, respect, compromise, and support. It is a union and a celebration from our wedding day forwards. It is having someone standing by your side to share in the warmth of the sunshine and to weather the storms life brings. On our wedding day we were lucky enough to be married by one of our closest friends. During our ceremony, he offered us a gift. A bundle of rope. In the far Northern Hemisphere where winters are bitter and fierce, a length of rope is used by farmers when needing to leave the house to check on the outside world. The rope is tied to the front door and is laid as a trail along the way. If the farmer gets caught in the blizzard he holds onto the rope and no matter the conditions or how lost he may be he will always be able to find his way home. We have our bundle of rope in pride of place in our home. The significance this rope is what marriage means to me.

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Ms Gingham says: Some beautiful words to end the week on. Thanks Emma!

Emma of Flos Florum says that her motivation is to create bespoke wedding flowers that will remain captured in your memories and photographs forever.


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