Naomi and Tyler’s Romantic Tasmanian Engagement Photos

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 Naomi & Tyler

This beautiful Tasmanian engagement session from photographer KS Photography took place in New Norfolk and captures the peaceful beauty behind the love story of our newly engaged couple Naomi and Tyler.

Naomi tells the story of how they met. “We met at Channel Christian School in Grade 5, Tyler had just returned from a missionary trip with his parents in Bolivia. Even back in grade five as little children Tyler had his hopes for us, on my 11th birthday he left a handmade card inside my desk, saying “happy birthday” and that I was the “prettiest girl in the school”. Many years later we separated ways but spontaneously met up again at the age of 16 at a Christian youth group, we kept in touch after that and our friendship grew until we decided to date.”

Tyler says, “I love Naomi because she motivates me, she knows how to take care of me, she is always with me till the end and she doesn’t give up on me.”

Tyler tells the story of how the proposal unfolded. “We were out for a walk on a Saturday afternoon, I was still in the process of making the big move and purchasing the engagement ring when I received a call from  Maria at the jewelers. Naomi was standing next to me as I answered the call, immediately she heard the female voice on the phone.

For obvious reasons I couldn’t tell Naomi who it was, she became suspicious. Leading up to the week of the proposal Naomi became increasingly suspicious as to why I was receiving more and more phone calls from a “female voice”. I was so excited and she was getting more and more concerned. So in the end I had to have a laugh and put a smile on her face and explain the phone calls, letters, and appointments, thus the proposal came a few weeks early. ”

Naomi says, “I love Tyler because he encourages me to try new things. His smile, it makes me smile right back at him. I love his vision, ambition, drive and determination for life, that he is strong and yet so gentle. And I love that he prays for me every night.”

Of the actual proposal, Naomi tells, “We arranged to have breakfast together on a Sunday morning at The Picnic Basket, a little cafe in Taroona, Tasmania, we both love. After drinking our tea and having our guilty chocolate brownies for breakfast we made our way down to the beach for a walk, Tyler then decided to sit on a swing at the playground, it was really peaceful, not a soul was on the beach, I sat on Tyler’s lap like I would normally do, as soon as I did he quickly told me to stand up in case I squashed the box. I stood up in silence and Tyler couldn’t keep it secret for any longer. He then proposed and I said Yes! ”

“We chose Kat Smith from KS Photography because we had seen the gorgeous photo’s of a friends wedding and we loved her style, technique and the outcome of the crystal clear and precise photos! The photos show creativity, and attention to the detail in life. After receiving the photos from our engagement shoot we were both so thrilled with the choice we had made!”


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  • HayleyLane says:
    October 13, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Gorgeous shots! So much heart 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story Naomi & Tyler.

  • Leah Bridge says:
    October 14, 2013 at 10:09 am

    These are so sweet! Very romantic, can’t wait to see their wedding shots!



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