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Image by Tealily Photography

Weddings inspired by all things vintage have become increasingly popular, although it was some 5 years ago that my first bride came to me asking for finger waves with 1920’s makeup. Sophistication and elegance was the timeless femininity of the 20’s through to 50’ so I can understand why so many women are looking to these eras for inspiration and styling around their weddings. Here are some interpretations of vintage bridal hair and makeup from some of my lovely brides.

1. I love being thrown a challenge, its not all that often a bride wants her hair styled into a bow, this retro up-do (see image above) worked beautifully for Susie’s long thick hair. Thankfully Susie had complete faith that I could pull this off without having tried anything like it before! Dramatic eyes were created with strong eyeliner and a flick, false lashes added to make the eyes pop.

Image by Tealily Photography

2. Looking every bit the pin up. Dita Von Teese comes to mind working with this gorgeous bride. Naomi wore her hair out with a soft wave through the front for that glamorous burlesque touch. For sultry eyes black eyeliner was added to the inner and outer rim.



Photography by Luminous still photography

3. Every decade has its specific mark on fashion, the roaring 20’s tended to have shorter bobbed hair and finger waves. Pinup models influenced the 30’s and 40’s with women wearing brighter red lips and hair becoming softer with set curls and big waves. Ebony was involved in every step of creating her uniquely styled 20’s themed wedding. She made the cake, fashioned her own bouquet from lace and fabric and even made this authentic looking head dress.

Photography by Marzena Wasilewska

4. Feeling like a movie star is important for every bride although looking like you are on the set of Great Gatsby isn’t for everyone, I find it best to borrow ideas from all the eras to suit the individual, helping the look feel more contemporary rather than appearing as you have stepped back in time. Here I choose finger waves to frame the face, however with loose curls through the back to create softness pinned into a low bun. Beautiful bride Michelle with her bold red lip colour, set the look apart with luminous skin and softer tones for eye makeup. I tend to encourage an emphasis on either eyes or lips – especially if not looking for an over dramatized look.

Hair and makeup by  Mae you be image on left by Cavanagh Photography

5. Sarah looked simply stunning, finger waves through the front of the hair with a more traditional low chignon at the nape of the neck. Sarah wore a soft smoky eye with a natural lip tone. This can be a lot easier to manage rather than red, lighter lipstick shades tend to wear a little better, especially with all the wedding day kisses!



Photography by James Day Photography

6. For a classic old Hollywood 50’s look, go for strong eyeliner with flicks following the iconic Marilyn Monroe. If you have shorter hair, this Marilyn inspired wave works beautifully to create 1950’s Hollywood glamour.

Image by Photography by Nadean | Gown supplied by Saavy Brides | Hair and Makeup by Mae You Be

Finally, this is a great style for a bridesmaid, a soft wave through the front, only hinting towards the vintage fashion, with a relaxed side bun.

Image by Mae you be

Ms Gingham says:  I love this post because it shows us how many variations on “vintage” there really are! There’s so much scope to draw inspiration while remaining yourself!

Michelle of Mae you be: “I believe everyone has their unique way of expressing individual beauty, my passion has always been to help women see what they should see in the mirror everyday. It’s about enhancing what is already there and never creating a mask, my aim is to bring out the natural beauty in everyone.”


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