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When my best friend was getting married, she spent quite a while looking for the perfect cake topper. She wanted something pretty, unique and completely her, all in one hit. If you’re after the same thing, you definitely need to take a look what Bianca from CommunicakeIt creates! Each personalised cake topper is designed and hand-crafted in Sydney – not only will they make your cake look amazing, they’re also a perfect keepsake from your big day! Bianca’s joined us today on the blog to share some advice, her inspiration and how she came to be the crafter she is.


What was your path to creating handmade items?

It started from a wee young age. I remember being in a toy store and looking at the display for name plates for kids bikes, and they were personalised. There were heaps of names. Heaps! Shiploads! But I could never find my name. Bianca. Then, I was in a junk shop just last year and found a similar sort of display for kids bike name plates again, and I wandered over to have a peek, super keen to see if just by some small chance my name may just to be there. And yet, 30 years later, I still don’t have a popular enough name to make the cut! Bianca as a kids bike name plate – still wasn’t there! There’s also the little fact that I have always loved making things. I have experimented with hand made things for a while and selfishly and shyly used my creations for myself. I use these “things”, check how they work and then change how it works. It’s a cycle. And continuously updating things. Updating or changing the way it works, sometimes I can never decide!

So where is this all going? It was a super close friend’s birthday in 2012, and it popped into my head to make her something. She wasn’t really happy about celebrating her birthday but I wanted to make it special for her. I was already playing with things that can sit on cakes, and I thought why not give it a stab to customise something for her. I designed my first “Christina Hip Hip Hooray”, and set it up on a cake to present to her. Her reaction was wonderful, and ecstatic happiness – for someone that did not want anything for her birthday, she was really really quite happy! She was so impressed with seeing her name, and asked where I found it. She, too, struggled finding her name “Christina” rather than “Christine”. Unfortunately, as it was the first cake topper I had made, the ‘e’ broke off, a little embarrassing, but I assure you, there has been quite a lot of product development since! It was my friend’s reaction I became addicted to – and it’s this that I keep on receiving from customers, both from Sydney and afar, sending photos of their Communicake it Cake topper sitting proudly on their cakes, and wonderful thank you messages.

And so Communicake It was born! I have just set up my website, and am also on Etsy.

Where do you find inspiration?

I get shiploads of inspiration from typographers, blogs, and being inquisitive about everything.


What is the most common question you get asked by couples?

“I’m getting married in 3 days, is it possible to make in that time?!”

What is your favourite colour palette?

I’m a black on black sort of girl. But typically the palette is black, white and a hit of something bright. My favourite colour is PMS 17-1463 Tangerine Tango. Because really, who wouldn’t want to tango with colour?

Do you have a favourite style of wedding (rustic, vintage, modern, classic etc)?

I’m a classic 1950’s dreamer with a twist of now – think Audrey Hepburn meets Sofia Coppola.

Communicake It Topper 4

Share with us your top Etsy store pick!

My favourite is my ‘Mr and Mrs Jones’ cake topper. It’s one of the first cake toppers I developed, and have had so many customers send photos of their wedding day with their own new surname sitting a top of their cake. Feels quite special that I can have a little part in so many wedding days!

What is your DIY advice for couples?

Pick and choose things you both love, and then make it together. There’s nothing more rewarding than saying, “We created this!”

What is the one tool you can’t do without?

My notebook. Random thoughts appear, I scribble them down and it’s hilarious looking back at them six months later!


Aren’t these just gorgeous? Completely chic – and unique! To order one of her custom-made designs, head to her online store.

About Bianca: Industrial designer by trade, Bianca’s a skilled designer across a range of areas! She’s been in love with all things pretty and random since a young age, and is especially addicted to celebrating the special occasions in life – so naturally, she’d find herself making cake toppers! 

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