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For me, creative wedding photography has always focused on a photojournalistic style, to tell the narrative of the day, during the preparation, ceremony and reception. It’s at the location photo session where a more artistic element inspires me.

New photographic ideas are always drawn in my visual diary and sourced from paintings, videos, sculptures or any other form of creative expression.  At most weddings, the luxury of time to try a new photographic technique isn’t there. This is why pursuing personal work is so important as it allows me to constantly discover and improve new photographic ideas for my clients to enjoy.

Recently I drew inspiration from my darkroom days when I use to sandwich film negatives together to create multiple exposure montages. The aim now was to create a digital montage by combining a series of images, of the same subject, taken in the one location, to show a scene as it might appear over a period of time. With my two eager assistants André and Kyra (AKA my kids) it was off to the ACCA building for some photographic experimentation.

The repetition in the montage images created at ACCA lead to another more surreal image. Back in the studio, with scarf and hat packed, I took two self-portraits.  These images were combined to create a repetitive flow that guided the viewer out to the horizon while circling them back to the centre of the image. OK enough artsy talk.

In this post you will see the original photo idea I had and how I applied it to my clients wedding. What do you think?

Ms Gingham says: I LOVE it! What a great way to capture some creativity in a wedding portrait. And being a girl I must point out that I love it even more because you can see the front and the back of the wedding dress and hair at the same time! Win win!

About Blue Print Photography: For us, it’s all about the art of photography and documenting those timeless memories that form the foundations of everyone’s family history.



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