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Image by Todd Hunter McGaw via Edward and Emma’s Vintage Chic Inspired Hinterland Queensland Wedding

If you’re reading this then bets are that you’re not the type of guy to agree with everything the bride wants just to keep her happy. That’s great! Your wedding is for both of you, not just the bride. But how far should you take the involvement? Here’s some advice on how to get more involved in the wedding planning and enjoy it!

1. I don’t really care about the colours or theme.

If you’re not overly detail oriented then the thought of choosing between duck egg blue and powder blue probably isn’t going to turn you on. That’s ok. You don’t need to pick out colors, but you can still contribute your opinion to other major planning components such as the venue, music selection and catering to name a few. Not only will you ease your bride’s stress, but she will end up feeling very grateful to you in the long run.

2. Speak up man!

If there is something that you do not like or do not agree with, speak up. If you’re  keeping quiet just to keep the peace, you may end up feeling resentful and cast aside. Don’t be a pushover groom; letting your bride know how you feel about certain things will help make sure that you are both on the same page. As much as she wants her dream wedding, she also wants your personality and taste in it as well.

3. Pick some aspects of your wedding and own them.

Have you travelled more than your fiance? Then why not plan the honeymoon and better yet, keep it a surprise until the wedding day where you can tell her the plans. Are you a foodie and love wine? Why not pick the wines. Assign yourself tasks that you know are within your strengths and run with it!

Image by Paul McMillan of Illustro Photography via Sarah and Jimmy’s Elegant Palm Beach Wedding

4. Help with the research.

Do you hate the thought of being dragged along to bridal expos? You won’t need to attend any if you jump online, research some vendors and make appointments to meet them face to face with your bride. She will definitely appreciate the effort you have gone to. Remember to go through the short list with her before making those appointments so that she doesn’t feel left out either.

5. Plan your speech well in advance.

This is the area where you get to shine on your wedding day, so put some thought into it. Not only will the guests appreciate it, but planning will go a long way to calming those nervous jitters. Perhaps you could look into a public speaking short course if this isn’t your strength?

6. Be a romantic on your big day.

On the day of your wedding, send your bride flowers or a love letter to read while she is getting ready. Remind her of how you are the luckiest man in the world to have her as your wife. At the reception, why not pull the videographer aside and record a romantic message to her? She won’t see it until your video has been edited and complete, and it’ll be such a sweet surprise.

I hope you have found these wedding planning tips for grooms helpful and wish you happy planning!

Ms Gingham says: Great tips! I love the idea of recording a private message. Perhaps even recording it to your wife for your first year anniversary gift!

Sharon of Wedding Day PA says: “On the day wedding coordinator. I love all things wedding!”

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