Nine Ways To Keep Warm At Your Winter Wedding

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Photo by Jason Vandermeer Photography from Jenni and Matt’s Intimate Autumn Wedding

With winter right around the corner and cold weather already blowing a gale, it’s about time I whipped up some tricks to keep you warm and toasty during Winter nuptials. As it’s my favourite time of year I am always trying to find the perfect coat, or pulling on my favorite boots so I can’t wait to see what other ways you have in mind for colder wedding days!

1. Pack A Coat Or Cardigan

My first tip for keeping warm is the most obvious- make sure you pack something snuggly to keep you warm! There are so many endless options for knitted shawls, warm coats, pretty cardigans, faux fur stoles. The choice really is yours and can suit your own wedding style! Check out Casual Wedding Cover Ups, Winter Wedding Warmth With Cardigans and Cozy Faux Fur Wraps For Wedding Days for ideas.

2. Go For Sleeves

It’s only been in the past few years that sleeves have made a resurgence and what an elegant statement they make on a wedding gown. Somehow they feel like a much more sensible option that a strapless gown when the weather is literally freezing.  No more are wedding gowns with sleeves a dated option, with so many designers creating sleeved numbers there’s something elegant or whimsical or just your style that will keep you warm from the get go.

3. Set Out Warm Wraps For Guests

Oh, unsuspecting guests who may be traveling in and not realising that your city is that icy, freeze your bones, cold at that time of year? Or perhaps just a nice idea for a favor or treat. Lay out wraps over ceremony chairs, or bundle them into a basket advising guests to take as they need. Warm guests are happy and happy people dance at weddings.

4. Opt For Boots

High heels and sandals are always pretty under a dress but for sub-zero temperatures consider ditching the pretty for something warm. Fur lined boots keep your feet warm and can be a little hidden under your long dress.

australian winter wedding020 Celeste and Altens Australian Winter Wedding

Photo by Solas Wedding Photography from Celeste and Alten’s Australian Winter Wedding

5. Pop On A Pair Of Gloves

Toasty warm hands are always a good thing and sweet knitted gloves for post ceremony photographs will keep your hands warm and ensure they don’t turn blue. I love the sweet fingerless ones like the ones above- they give you the freedom without losing the warmth.

6. Serve Hot Beverages

Instead of cocktails with ice and Summer based fruit drinks, why not serve hot chocolate, mulled wine or hot cider? Ladel it out of steaming hot vessels or arrange a coffee cart to show up after the ceremony. Add cups of hot tea to your wedding menu and imagine midnight snacks of hot chocolate and doughnuts.

bohemian forest wedding055 Stanya & Lennys Bohemian Forest WeddingPhoto by Lara Hotz from Stanya & Lenny’s Bohemian Forest Wedding

7. Light A Bonfire

Obviously this option is strictly limited to spaces that can accommodate it, but lighting a huge bonfire and surrounding it with piles of blankets, bowls of marshmallows and roasting sticks is a wonderful way to add warmth and cosiness to your wedding. The addition of blankets keeps guests warm and well – it can’t be a bonfire without marshmallows now can it?

Celeste and Alten

Photo by Solas Wedding Photography from Celeste and Alten’s Australian Winter Wedding

8. Keep An Ongoing Supply Of Hot Water Bottles

When I was a kid, my favourite thing in the middle of winter was a hot water bottle and I love the idea of taking these with you on your location photo shoot, or even keeping a stash handy for cold guests. Imagine coming in out of the cold to find a hot water bottle on your seat waiting to make you toasty? They’re cheap and so easy to make warm that I think they’re a winner!

garden twilight wedding52 Sam and Wills Garden Twilight Wedding

Photo by Thorson Photography from Sam and Will’s Garden Twilight Wedding

9. Add Plenty Of Candlelight

Part of what makes a winter wedding feel “warm” is the ambiance. The cosy elements of feeling snuggly and warm add to that feeling that guests are in a safe haven from the cold. Candlelight is not only one of the best ways to bring a cosy feel to a space but it’s also one of the cheapest. Use candlelight in abundance to bring a cosy, warm feel to your wedding decor. In big jars, small jars. pillar candles and tea lights. If your venue has a roaring fire – make use of it!


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