Twenty Questions – What To Ask Your Cake Designer

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When it comes to planning a wedding, I have to say, I think cake tasting is one of the best bits! So today I’m loading you up with information so when you visit your cake designer, you’re not so overwhelmed with deliciousness that you forget what you need to know! Let’s play twenty questions for your cake designer!

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1. Do they do tastings?

Well obviously this is my number one question! Most cake designers offer a tasting to help you determine the flavours and fillings that you love (because what’s the point in having a cake if you hate the flavour?). It’s also a wonderful way to meet the cake designer and discuss your ideas.

2. How do they make the cakes?

Do they use packet mixes? Or is everything made using whole ingredients? This might not be important to you (you might just care about the taste!) But if it is, most designers will happily offer up their baking and recipe ideas (and I adore a good whole egg, whole milk cake myself!)

Cake by Cakes 2 Kreate

3. How fresh are the cakes on the wedding day?

Are cakes a week old? Frozen? Some cake designers bake off site, some cakes, like gluten free ones for example don’t stay fresh for long. Just check with your cake designer when it’s baked and prepared. Most need to be baked pretty early to accommodate the decorating stage and if your cake designer is experienced, you won’t have any issues!

4. Do they deliver the cake?

Most cake designers offer a delivery service, but make sure you check!

5. What is the delivery fee?

Delivery always comes with a fee! So make sure you know what it is!

Cake by Miss Ladybird Cakes

6. Who will deliver and set up the cake?

Does delivery include set up? Will they assemble the cupcake tower? Will they place the tiers on one another? Will the cake designer do it or do they have experienced deliverers?

7. What care and instructions are needed for delivery?

If delivery isn’t offered, or you are transporting the cake yourself, does the cake designer recommend a way of doing this? Will they pop it on a non slip mat? Ask you to pop it in the fridge? Make sure you know exactly how to care for it!

8. Can you cater for guests with allergies?

Do you have guests that are gluten free? Do you require egg or dairy free? Can the cake designer accommodate this? Perhaps you could order a completely gluten free cake or a few cupcakes to serve to allergy prone guests.

Cake by Regnier Cakes

9. What size do you recommend for the number of guests I have?

You don’t need a three tier cake for 30 people (or maybe if you do want a multi-tiered cake you could include “fake” layers). Your cake designer should be able to advise on the appropriate size cake depending on your number of guests and whether you are serving your cake as dessert or in addition to dessert (which will usually be a smaller, canape style serving).

10. What is the cancellation policy?

As with any vendor, make sure you read the invoice or contract or ask and find out just in case!

11. When is the deposit due?

Do you need to pay a deposit upfront to secure your booking? Cake designers can’t take endless bookings for a day so what does it take to secure yours?

12. When is the final payment due?

Do you have to pay the entire amount up front? Check when you need to pay the balance.

13. What kind of cake would work with my style or theme?

If you have a specific idea in mind – great! Make sure to take pictures to your consultation. But if you don’t, your cake designer should be able to work with you to create a cake that suits the style and season of your wedding, right down to the decorations!


Cake by Cake Face

14. What flavors and fillings are available?

Some cake designers have standard flavours – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. Some? Well it’s everything from red velvet to salted caramel, to blueberry and pistachio. I think this is the best bit of deciding on a wedding cake, and you can shop around as much as you like to find the right mix of cake for your wedding.

15. What flavours and fillings are their specialty?

I always like to ask this one as I think a vendor’s specialty must be amazing. So maybe they get raves about their chocolate mud cake (which to me means you need to try it!) or maybe they have a unique Hummingbird style cake that everyone ends up ordering. There’s a reason behind specialties!

The Dainty Baker - Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Cake by The Dainty Baker

16. What icing options do you recommend for the wedding?

Hot days may melt a croquembouche or butter-cream icing. You might hate fondant, you might want a naked cake or a roughly iced cake. Ask the cake designer what they recommend for your wedding given it’s location, season and style.

17. Can the cake designer organise fresh flowers?

If you want fresh floral cake decorations, do you have to arrange these yourselves or will the cake designer sort it out for you? Will they decorate it with the flowers or will they need the florist to do that?

18. Can you bring in your own cake toppers?

If you supply your hand crafted or carefully chosen cake topper, can the cake designer add it to the cake for you?


Cake by Yummy Cupcakes

19. Do they provide the cake stand?

Do you want your wedding cake on a beautiful stand? Do they have any to hire? What are the procedures with hiring a cake stand?

20. Can you store the top tier?

If you’re a traditionalist at heart you might like to freeze and store the top tier of your wedding cake for your first anniversary or the birth of your first child. Can the cake designer recommend the best way of doing this?


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