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Apple, pear, hourglass – most women tend to know what object or edible item their body best resembles. But what about you gents? Do men even have body shapes apart from big and small, lanky and stout? Well yes, they do, and it’s not as straightforward as you may think.

Recently, Debenhams popularised the use of vegetables as a way to describe men’s bodies. Would you describe yourself as a parsnip, leek or a beetroot? Then there’s the far more technical ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. Or maybe you’re a lovable teddy bear? It’s all pretty confusing, but understanding what works for your body shape is pretty crucial to looking your best – particularly on a special occasion such as your wedding day.

To make things easier, we’re sticking with good old classic shapes.

So, here’s our groom’s guide to choosing the right suit for your body type.


A trapezoid body shape is characterised by:

  • Broad chest and shoulders
  • Medium-narrow waist and hips
  • Generally well proportioned

If you are a trapezoid, then lucky you! Essentially you can wear whatever you want and will pretty much look amazing. Because of this you can really go to town, experimenting with different styles of suits – incorporating colours, patterns and textures.

Shopping suggestions:

Be daring by choosing a classic suit with a twist such as this checked number by M.J. Bale

mj bale trapezoid
Image via M.J. Bale

Why not jazz up a suit by being bold and select a vibrant patterned shirt such as this one from Jack London.


Image via Jack London

Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle body shape is characterised by:

  • Broad chest and shoulders, usually with well-developed muscles
  • Narrow waist and hips
  • Your upper body is bigger than your lower body

As an inverted triangle, your aim is to balance out your lower body to give the illusion of balanced proportions. This can be easily achieved by wearing unstructured double-breasted jackets, or adding belts and pockets near the hip area. Avoid skinny style trousers at all costs!

Shopping suggestions:

Printed or patterned leg wear draws the eye down and creates balance, like this pair by Selected.


Image via ASOS

Look your best by choosing a double-breasted suit such as this dapper navy one from River Island.

264378_rolloverImage via River Island


A rectangle body shape is characterised by:

  • Your shoulders, waist and hips are all the same size, thus the rectangular shape!

As a rectangular man, you will be trying to choose a suit that gives you a more trapezoid shape. Depending on what suit you choose you may need a little assistance from a friendly tailor to get the sides taken in. A great suit option for you would be a British style suit, and remember to add as many pockets as possible which will draw attention away from your rectangle-ness. DO NOT choose a double-breasted suit.

Shopping suggestions:

Choosing a classic, tailored, two button style suit will bring you shape, like this one from Reiss.


Image via ASOS

For rectangular-shaped gents a British style suit works perfectly, like this Savile Row inspired suit from Marks & Spencer’s.

DS_68765aa80a649e183ade58a4b328e03a_0Image via Marks & Spencer’s


A triangle body shape is characterised by:

  • Your bottom half is wider than your chest and shoulders
  • Your shoulders may slope

As it’s all about addressing imbalances, your job is to choose suits that make your shoulders appear broader and sharper. Choose suits that have shoulder pads to create this illusion. Your suit should be well-fitted and tailored to give you a streamlined appearance. It’s always best to opt for darker colours, particularly up top.

Shopping suggestions:

Choose a well-fitting, dark hued suit like this lush number from Paul Smith.

main_variation_BLACK_view_01_330x430Image via David Jones

Keep things light and fresh by adding pops of colour and patterns like this Lambretta shirt.


Image via ASOS


An oval body shape is characterised by:

  • A generally round body shape all over with a larger stomach

An an oval shape, you will be trying to give as much of a streamlined appearance as possible by creating broader shoulders and a lengthier torso. A pinstripe suit would be an excellent choice as the vertical stripes create length, making sure sleeves and trousers are all at the correct length. A loosely, tapered trouser will make your legs look longer. Adding a darker hued shirt in a fun pattern adds interest whilst remaining flattering.

Shopping suggestions:

Pinstripes really are your best friends, like this dashing suit from Jack London.


Image via Jack London

Dark and detailed shirts are another great and flattering option like this handsome Topman shirt.


Image via Topman

At the end of the day, these are only guidelines open to interpretation and are dependent on your individual look. Your wedding day should be a day where you can express your personality and nothing looks better than a man that’s happy and confident in what he’s wearing.



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