How To Avoid Wedding Planning Stress

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Everyone handles stress a little differently. Some appear calm but are a ticking time bomb…tick, tick, tick!  Others create a frantic stress pandemic which spreads from person to person like the flu. And some unleash an inner demon created from the deepest darkest parts of the underworld! I’ve seen it all. Regardless of how you handle stress it is critical to remember that, oh so important, golden rule: treat others how you would want to be treated. And yes, this means mothers and fathers of  the bride and groom, grooms, bridesmaids, random relatives, vendors and even you brides. No exceptions.

Let’s face it, a wedding is stressful. There are just too many emotions, opinions and moving parts for it to simply be a walk in the park. Understanding how to avoid wedding planning stress starts with listing some of the reasons for such hypertension. These may include:

  • Not hiring professional wedding vendors
  • The lack communication between bride and vendor
  • Not hiring a wedding planner to help

One enormous factor for such stress is not hiring professional wedding vendors. I could write a whole article about how this one choice can affect the whole wedding experience- and not in a good way. Another factor is the miscommunication with certain vendors you’ve hired from having constantly evolving ideas. It is totally and completely okay to have ideas that change, just not when the vendor is the last to know about them because in the end you might not get what you wanted. And if you’re feeling a tad bit overwhelmed, hire a wedding planner. Whether you just started the process or your wedding is only a month away consider hiring a wedding planner to help you problem solve and make you feel more at ease. They can help you with finding fantastic and reliable vendors and help communicate with those vendors so that nothing gets lost in translation. Keep Calm and Wedding On!

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Ms Gingham says: As with everything in life, you’ll find that help is readily available and there’s no award for doing it all yourself!

About Valerie Pritt, Fleur de Lis Event Consulting: “The most important thing to me is that my clients look back on their special day and remember how incredible and enjoyable it was for them and their families.”

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