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When I was planning my wedding, everything went relatively smoothly…  except for one part, creating my registry.  I tried out a few different wedding registry sites, but was uninspired and frustrated by how time consuming and tedious the process was. I felt like I was checking items off a list rather than getting excited about picking out gifts to start a new life together with my hubby-to-be.

Sound familiar? If you are experiencing these same feelings, hopefully my tips will help help save you time and unnecessary frustration! After all, shouldn’t creating your wedding registry be fun? I think so!

As a designer, I have always found myself drawn to sites that have a clean design style, are visually appealing, and are easy-to-use. As a bride looking for inspiration for my wedding and home, I found these elements more important than ever. I’ve listed a few easy ways to get inspired and to actually ENJOY making your wedding registry.

1. Make your list fun by adding experiences first!

Add items like honeymoon activities and date night gifts to your registry first. This allows both partners to be excited about the day after the wedding and is a nice segway into the small household items.

2. Shop room by room

If you are like me, a checklist is not always the best tool when picking out gifts. Often times you register for items you already have or things you may not necessarily need.

3. Allow your other half to have a say

Nothing is more frustrating then arguing over which spatula to buy based on the size, shape or color. Allow you and your partner to have personal picks. You can have the Kitchenaid, and he can have the grill. And you both can have fun making your lists!

4. Don’t be shy, register for more meaningful items!

If you are like my husband and me, you already have the small things. What we REALLY needed was a new couch and TV. Rather than feeling guilty about adding more expensive items to your registry, add these bigger ticket items as group gifts. By making items a group gift, friends and family can join together to purchase the items that are the most meaningful to you.


Last but not least…

5. Explore gifts and styles together!

Look through style magazines, pinterest boards, and gift options together.  It’s not only fun but looking at styles together will reveal a lot of details you’ve probably never talked about!

Make sure to enjoy every minute of your engagement. It goes fast and is one you will never forget. Best of luck and happy picking!

Ms Gingham says: You would expect it to be an easy thing… choosing presents for yourself! But it can be so tricky!

About Blueprint Registry: Having experienced the two sides of the wedding registry process – creating a wedding registry and gifting from one – we found the process tedious and uninspiring. We therefore set out to create a wedding gift registry that redefined the experience making it more convenient, personal, and visual.

  • ROBIN says:
    June 26, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    Blueprint looks beautiful! I’ve signed up, but am unable to enter my AU postal address as the delivery address. Is this only for US brides…?



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