Aung and Fel’s Byron Bay Engagement Photos

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 Aung & Fel

With an upcoming wedding in Singapore, Aung and Fel joined their photographer Richard Grainger on the most easterly point of Australia at Byron Bay to capture their love story. The couple love nature and wanted to combine their love of sea , sun and sand together with a special promise they made each other on their 10th year, 10th month and 10th day together.

Aung tells the story of how they came to be. “We first met in high school, I was 15 and Fel was 14, but Fel was a year my senior. How is that possible you might ask? Well, I was born in Myanmar (a whopping 2,601 km away) and migrated to Singapore at a young age. As fate would have it, a bob haired girl caught my attention and my unwavering dedication of sending candies to her every morning touched her (#tooeasy). After we got together, it all started out as puppy love. We never really know how things will turn out or how far we would go. Weeks, months and years passed. We made it through high school as a couple and from there on, we knew things were getting more serious. And after 12 plus years, here we are, ready to take our relationship to the next level and start a new chapter of our lives as husband and wife.”

On what she loves about Aung, Fel tells, “He has the healthiest tan and broadest shoulders! As time passed, we complement each other like Yin and Yang. He is  Structured, Stubborn, Tidy, Creative, Emotional, Careless, Clumsy, Selective…”

Aung remarks, “We are surrounded by laughter whenever we are together. We love teasing each other, usually a little more one sided (Aung teasing Fel mostly), but Fel knows that she is loved. At the end of the day, so long we are in the presence of one another, that is all that matters.”

The proposal happened in New Zealand. “The engagement took place on Fox Glacier, New Zealand, during Aung’s grad trip. Aung actually went through quite a bit of meticulous planning to that very day when he popped the question – from choosing and designing of the ring to where and when (11/12/13) he would pop the question.”

On what he loves about Fel, Aung says, “She was taller than most girls and her cheerfulness caught my attention.  She’s Spontaneous, Flexible, Messy, Uncreative (to a certain extent), Logical, Tactful, Easy going… The list could go on… Despite all these differences, we are like two hands interlacing, filling the gaps of the other, making the perfect complement.”


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