Yvonne and Carlo – A Sydney Engagement Shoot & A Story Of Love

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Ms Gingham

Yvonne & Carlo Engagement Shoot

I’ve been with my fiance for nine years now (two engaged) and she has been with me through every high and low with a loving heart and warm, reassuring smile and kind words to boot!

I first met her (Yvonne) whilst she was working a retail job, being the cheesy git I am decided to purchase a belt of all things to try and chat her up to pass the time so as I wouldn’t be too up front and assuming. As soon as she got the drift though there was the ‘autodump’ look as if she could be stupid enough to have the wool pulled over her eyes. Needless to say I left with my belt and my ever diminishing self esteem in a hurry.

A few years later by chance I was coming home from work and we were crazily enough sitting back to back from one another on a Sydney cityrail train. Here’s where it gets interesting – we both get up, look at each other I narrow my eyes and think to myself “Yesssss, It IS that girl who fobbed me off hard” and she’s got this look of surprise in her eyes but then gets a silly grin on her face that can only say “HAHA sucked in”.

We both pass salutations and small talk whilst walking away from the train station together and then all of a sudden her mobile phone rings. Surprise. Surprise. So, I wasn’t going to have none of this and be humiliated again so I start walking faster, but as fast as I walk she keeps up with me! Which only has me thinking that she’s either very quick or just wants to remind me how stupid my pickup line was. Oh and no, I shall not share because I too am embarrassed by it.

We both reach our destination – the same apartment complex! We exchange pleasantries to only find that we’d end up eventually dating and being inseparable ever since through even more twists of fate such as working directly opposite each other for almost two years. Imagine, leaving home then having to try to keep a straight face running a coffee shop when your girlfriend keeps pulling faces, pranks and having prolonged ‘coffee breaks’ at your place of work. Needless to say, I am no longer working there.

However, she does have a serious side such as myself and I knew I was going to marry her as soon as I finished my basic recruit training for the Military. I had not seen her for sometime due to leave restrictions but the day I saw her, holding her in my arms was a heartbreaking, bittersweet moment as much as I wanted to her to stay and spend as much time with her I knew that she would have to leave the same day. When she left, It was like a hot knife slicing my heart.

She is an amazing woman who does not ask for anything despite hard work so I only ask that this story may be posted to surprise her and make her day.


Yvonne & Carlo Engagement Shoot

Yvonne & Carlo Engagement Shoot

Yvonne & Carlo Engagement Shoot

Yvonne & Carlo Engagement Shoot

Yvonne & Carlo Engagement Shoot

Yvonne & Carlo Engagement Shoot

Yvonne & Carlo Engagement Shoot

Yvonne & Carlo Engagement Shoot

Images by Fifteen Photography

Ms Gingham says: I love this story. Carlo has a real way with words and with laying his heart on the table. Best of luck Carlo and Yvonne! We hope this makes your day!

Carlo says: “I would love to share my story with you all seeing as my fiance absolutely adores this site and we have just had our engagement shoot at Cockatoo Island.”

  • Ms Stripey says:
    August 7, 2014 at 10:40 am

    What a lovely story – I hope Yvonne enjoyed your surprise Carlo!



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