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Image by Kirralee Ashworth from Katy and Ty’s Urban Industrial Style Wedding.

We all want to look our absolute best on our big day and for some, toning up and getting fit for the wedding might be a priority.

We asked exercise physiologist Dan Sutherland of Queensland’s celebrated health and performance centre The Results Room for his top tips when it comes to a healthy lifestyle for the lead up to the wedding and beyond.

Make a commitment to both diet and exercise:

“They say 80% of body fat percentage loss is diet, and 20% is exercise. But to get an optimal result in an optimal amount of time, you need a balance of both based on your body composition and training history.” 

Adopt basic principles of good clean eating:

“The fundamental rule for good clean eating is consuming high quality foods often. It’s not about Paleo, low-carb, high-carb, high-protein, or anything like that; it’s about what works for you. For most people, simply cutting sugar from your diet will see considerable fat loss straight away. Other things we want to try and minimise include junk or processed food and drink, and, sorry guys, alcohol.” 

Ensure your diet is complementary to your training program:

“If you’re training a particular way, certain foods are going to be more optimal for that style of training. Strength training, for example, involves longer rests and bigger efforts, but you don’t need as much carbohydrates because you don’t need as much fuel. But because it stimulates the nervous system, you need more fats to support that. It’s essential that your meal plan is tailored to support your training schedule.”

Set aside time to prepare your meals:

“The biggest problem people have with any sort of meal plan is food preparation. If you can learn to prepare good food, then it’s so much easier to stick to. Learning how to make a good stew from whole foods, for example, without using pre-made sauces, gives you high quality meals for a whole week.” 

If you fall off the wagon, get back on quickly:

“Leading up to your wedding, there’s going to be a large number of social events. Ultimately you can get away with an occasional ‘cheat day’, but it’s about how quickly you get back on the wagon. You have your buck’s party, it’s a big day, the next day what do you do? If you get straight back onto your normal healthy eating habits, then it won’t have much of an effect. The trick is to get yourself back to peak performance as quickly as possible, in terms of both diet and exercise.”

Reevaluate your goals: 

“This is where most people fall down: they plan everything to a point, they hit that point, and they don’t have a next goal in mind. Without that goal, the motivation is gone. So if your goal is to achieve ‘X’ before your wedding day, set yourself a new goal for three months after the wedding. Put something down on paper, have it on your wall, and revisit it all the time.” 

Find a program that works for you: 

“If you don’t have a history of training and are serious about achieving optimal results, it’s best to seek advice from a professional with a long history of getting results rather than just pulling information off the internet. The best programs will be tailored for you and your lifestyle, and will include a clear plan and process, including program reviews and updates. Even if you don’t receive a program completely designed for you, it should be modified for your level.”

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